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  • Cannot play skills and runs slower. Suffering attacks will end this state. Damage from pre-existing effects has only a very small chance to end this state.
  • Duration: ...s

Mob Information

Some creatures that cause this effect include:

Combat Relationship

Orc Defilers in the Ettenmoors can apply this effect to freeps with the skill Curse of the Coward's Soul.

Skill Relationship

Examples of skills that invoke this effect on an enemy target (unless immune) include:


Bard's Arrow-icon.png Bard's Arrow: duration 15s; 20s with the Strong Intimidation (Trapper of Foes)-icon.png Strong Intimidation trait, 1 target.


Fan the Flames-icon.png Fan the Flames (Pet skill): duration 15s, 1 target.


Invocation of Elbereth-icon.png Invocation of Elbereth: duration 15s, 1 target.


Desolation-icon.png Desolation: duration 2s, 6 targets with the Elegant Finish-icon.png Elegant Finish trait.