Draigoch's Lair

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Draigoch's Lair
Level: 75
Size: 12 or 24 person Raid
Cluster: Rise of Isengard
Region: Enedwaith
Area: Thror's Coomb
Location: [67.2S, 6.6W]

"Welcome, Thieves. I can smell the dread in your sweat. I hear the whistle of fear in your breath and feel the fluttering of your little hearts as they race in your chests. But come now, why do you fear? There is plenty of treasure here... enough for all, and more to spare."


Draigoch's Lair on Map.jpg

The entrance to Draigoch's Lair is southeast from Nar's Peak. Once you've discovered the place, it will show as a grey dragon icon on your Enedwaith map.


These three quests appear in your quest log under "Rise of Isengard" and are marked as "Raid Quests." -- Category:Draigoth Pre-requisite Quests


The following deed can be obtained and completed by visiting this location (if you fit the requirements):

The following deed will open up when visiting this location:

Instance Overview

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Draigoch's lair is a 24-person raid if done at tier 1. It's a fight in the lair of the huge red dragon Draigoch, requiring specific tactics. When you've killed him he drops the barter items for the helm and shoulders of a Rise of Isengard armour set. He also drops scales that can be used to craft special cloaks. If you decide to do it at Tier 2 you can choose to only bring 12 people and do the Challenge. You will then have better loot and a higher chance per member to win something.


Quest Involvement



Draigoch Guide by the Rangers of Eriador

Guide to Draigoch Lair by Ten Ton Hammer

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