Determination (Warden Specialization)

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Determination (Blue line) is a Warden Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Recklessness and Assailment.

Wields Shield and Fist to protect allies from harm.
A tanking build which boosts defences while healing, able to survive attacks from many foes at once.
Skills Earned:
Warning Shot-icon.png Warning Shot

+25% Healing Potency
+5% Spear Gambit Damage

Gambit Builders build a stacking Partial Block, Parry, and Evade buff - max of 6%

Individual Gambit Bonuses (10% Chance to Apply):
Spear: +5% Incoming Healing Modifier
Fist: -2% Outgoing Damage on Target
Shield: +Block Rating


These skills are acquired by spending points in the Warden Determination (Blue) trait tree. The Set skills can only be obtained by specializing in the tree.

Ability Category Range Targets Source Gambit Icons Notes
Warning Shot-icon.png Warning Shot Ranged + Debuff + Force Attack 25m 1 Set: Initial Skill Force enemy attack, Damage Debuff.
Shield Mastery (Warden)-icon.png Shield Mastery Buff self self Set Trait: Shield Mastery (Trait)-icon.png Shield Mastery Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Defense Buff.
Shield Tactics-icon.png Shield Tactics Buff self self Set Trait: Shield Tactics (Trait)-icon.png Shield Tactics Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Defense Buff, Stun immunity.
Defiant Challenge-icon.png Defiant Challenge Melee + Force Attack 10m 10 Trait: Warden's Challenge-icon.png Warden's Challenge Force enemy attack, Reflect Damage.
For the Free Peoples-icon.png For the Free Peoples Buff self self Trait: For the Free Peoples (Trait)-icon.png For the Free Peoples Fellowship Defense Buff.

Set Bonuses

The following Set Bonuses are obtained by spending points in any tree.

Set Traits Source Notes
Thrill of Battle (Warden Trait)-icon.png Thrill of Battle Set: 5+ tree ranks Increased Morale-tap damage.
Shield Mastery (Trait)-icon.png Shield Mastery Set: 10+ tree ranks Grants Shield Mastery (Warden) skill.
Elegant Finish-icon.png Elegant Finish Set: 15+ tree ranks Grants bonuses to Finishers.
Shield Tactics (Trait)-icon.png Shield Tactics Set: 20+ tree ranks Grants Shield Tactics skill.
Close Call-icon.png Close Call Set: 25+ tree ranks Dodge restores Morale.
Exultation of Battle (Trait)-icon.png Exultation of Battle Set: 30+ tree ranks Increases Morale-tap duration.
Revel in Combat-icon.png Revel in Combat Set: 35+ tree ranks Builders also perform Morale-tap on enemy.


Obtained by spending Trait Points in the Warden Determination Trait Tree.

Tree Traits Requirements Notes
War-cry (Trait)-icon.png War-cry Trait: 0+ ranks War-cry (Warden) Evade bonus.
Persevere (Trait)-icon.png Persevere Trait: 0+ ranks Persevere line Damage and Heal bonus.
Warden's Challenge-icon.png Warden's Challenge Trait: 5+ ranks Grants Defiant Challenge skill.
Careful Shield-work-icon.png Careful Shield-work Trait: 5+ ranks Persevere and Safeguard Block bonus.
Bane of Shadow-icon.png Bane of Shadow Trait: 10+ ranks Light-type Damage bonus.
Defiance-icon.png Defiance Trait: 10+ ranks, Warden's Challenge-icon.png Warden's Challenge (1) Defiant Challenge produces Defense buff.
Impressive Flourish (Trait)-icon.png Impressive Flourish (Trait) Trait: 10+ ranks Impressive Flourish Defense bonus.
Unassailable-icon.png Unassailable Trait: 15+ ranks Surety of Death and Desolation bonus.
Counter-attack-icon.png Counter-attack Trait: 15+ ranks Resets Mastery cooldowns after successful Evade.
Indefatigable-icon.png Indefatigable Trait: 15+ ranks Celebration of Skill and Restoration bonus.
Thick Skin (Warden Trait)-icon.png Thick Skin Trait: 20+ ranks Dance of War and Conviction bonus.
Critical Protection-icon.png Critical Protection Trait: 2-+ ranks Critical Defense bonus.
Lasting Hope-icon.png Lasting Hope Trait: 20+ ranks Increases HoT duration.
Never Surrender (Trait)-icon.png Never Surrender Trait: 25+ ranks Decreases Never Surrender cooldown.
Fear No Darkness-icon.png Fear No Darkness Trait: 25+ ranks Morale-tap Damage bonus.
Stand Your Ground-icon.png Stand Your Ground Trait: 25+ ranks Block and Parry bonus, Evade penalty.
For the Free Peoples (Trait)-icon.png For the Free Peoples Trait: 30+ ranks Grants For the Free Peoples skill.
Fellowship Protector (Trait)-icon.png Fellowship Protector Trait: 30+ ranks Adds a stacking mitigation buff to Conviction.