Dûm Boha

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Dûm Boha
Type: Enemy Encampment
Region: The Wastes
Area: The Noman-lands
Location: [36.9S, 7.4W]
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Dûm Boha is a landmark within the Noman-lands in the Wastes. [36.9S, 7.9W] The easternmost reaches of the camp are just within the Slag-hills.

This Haradrim encampment lies between Haerondir and Narchost. There is an entrance south-east of the road, [36.3S, 6.4W] as well as a passage connecting directly to Haerondir. [36.9S, 7.2W] The camp is comprised of a few locked stone buildings connected by wooden platforms and ramps, built onto the northern end of the Ephel Dúath. The slope at the bottom is dotted with maggot-holes the Orcs use as tunnels.

The forces encamped here are preparing for combat. There is much to be done to impede the Haradrim here on behalf of the Host of the West.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:





The following creatures are found within this area: