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This article is a navigation tool to help you create a new location article. There are multiple types of locations and those types are labeled below with their corresponding Boilerplates, which give you a clean copy of the formatted guideline to copy / paste when creating a new location.


Lands of Middle-earth are viewed on the first layer of the Middle-earth map.

Use Boilerplate:Lands to create a new land article.
Check out Category:Lands to see if the land article already exists!


Regions of Middle-earth are viewed on the second layer of the Middle-earth map, found on the land maps.

Use Boilerplate:Regions to create a new region article.
Check out Category:Regions to see if the region article already exists!


Areas-icon.png Areas of Middle-earth are viewed on the third layer of the Middle-earth map, found on the region maps.

Use Boilerplate:Areas to create a new area article.
Check out Category:Areas to see if the area article already exists!


Settlements of Middle-earth, including but not restricted to Settlements-icon.png the blue icon, are viewed on either the third or fourth layer of the Middle-earth map; found on a region or area map (these are named places that may or may not have their own map).

Use Boilerplate:Location Settlements to create a new settlement article.
Check out Category:Settlements to see if the settlement article already exists!


Landmarks of Middle-earth, including but not restricted to Point of Interest-icon.png (POIs), are viewed on the Middle-earth map that represent buildings, structures, city sections, and other noteworthy locations that are of outstanding, historical, aesthetic, or cultural importance.

Use Boilerplate:Landmarks to create a new landmark article.
Check out Category:Landmarks to see if the landmark article already exists!


Interiors-icon.png Interiors of Middle-earth that require a character to step into an instance, whether they step through a door into a building or through a cave entrance into a network of tunnels or crypts.

Use Boilerplate:Location Interiors to create a new interior article.
Check out Category:Interiors to see if the interior article already exists!


Instances of Middle-earth that are separate from the world, sometimes duplicate copies of places, which are used for Quest Instances, Skirmishes, Public Dungeons, and World Instances.

Use Boilerplate:Instances to create a new instance article.
Check out Category:Instances to see if the instance article already exists!

Location Templates

Infobox location templates provide important information related to each location type - often showing links to other places either higher or lower on the hierarchy of locations.

These templates are found on their respective boilerplates for Areas, Settlements, Landmarks, Interiors, and Instances.

Currently Land and Region articles do not have Infobox Templates.
Here's an example: Rhovanion (Land); Moria (Region); Zelem-melek (Area); 21st Hall (Settlement); Chamber of Mazarbul (Landmark); Chamber of Leadership (Interior); An instance may be launched with the Instance Finder for the skirmish Battle of the Twenty-first Hall

For details and instructions for each template, see Category:Infobox Templates