Clever Retort

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Clever Retort-icon.png
 Clever Retort
  • 16.5m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Resistance: Song
    Skill Type: Debuff
  • Take a chance when removing an active Trick; apply one of four effects to the enemy based on the Trick removed.
  • Breaks target out of Dazed
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 45s

General Information

Class: Burglar

Trait Tree: The Mischief-maker Traits

Rank Needed: 20


The initial description makes it appear that it is chance based, and the original version of this guide claimed that as well. It is not based on chance at all. The trick you remove (usually the last one you performed successfully) determines what the fake FM will be:

Using Trickster and applying more than one trick means that when you use Clever Retort, you remove both and perform both FMs simultaneously, unlike the mixed FM that a fellowship performs.

Legendary Legacies

The Burglar Tool Minor Legacy Clever Retort Damage and Healing will increase the damage or healing effects of this skill by up to 40%.