Celeblas (Rivendell)

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This page is about the Champion Trainer. For the Skirmish barterer, see Celeblas (Bree)

Image of Celeblas
Role Champion Trainer
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Trollshaws
Area Rivendell
Interior The Spire of Meeting
Map Ref [29.8S, 4.7W]


Celeblas (Sindarin for Silverleaf) is a Champion Trainer found at the Spire of Meeting in Rivendell, allowing Champions to purchase class-specific items.

Quest Involvement


Item Cost
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Artisan Blade 189 Silver60 Copper
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Joy of Battle 189 Silver60 Copper
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Tome of Swords 189 Silver60 Copper
Striking Rune-icon.png Minor Striking Rune Silver
Vanquishing Rune-icon.png Minor Vanquishing Rune Silver
Scholar Recipes
Journeyman Scholar Recipe-icon.png Journeyman Potion of Fervour Recipe Silver
Expert Scholar Recipe-icon.png Expert Potion of Fervour Recipe 11 Silver
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png Artisan Potion of Fervour Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
Master Scholar Recipe-icon.png Master Potion of Fervour Recipe 22 Silver
Woodworker Recipes
Journeyman Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Ash Horn Recipe Silver
Expert Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Yew Horn Recipe 11 Silver
Artisan Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Lebethron Horn Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
Master Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Black Ash Horn Recipe 22 Silver