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  • The quests of Dûm Boha vector you to Thurindol at the Small Ranger Camp in the Slag-hills.
There are two entrances to Dûm Boha -
from the second level of Haerondir [36.9S, 7.9W]
from the "main entrance" off the plain behind Hareondir [36.1S, 6.5W]
If you first obtain the Bane of the Serpent from Gladhir in Haerondir and then proceed into Dûm Boha via the path behind him, you will receive the remaining landscape quests as you enter the camp.
If you enter Dûm Boha from the "main entrance" off the plain behind Hareondir, you will get all quests bestowed as you enter.


Dûm Boha


  • [105] Unnatural Terrain -- vector to the small Ranger camp in the Slag-hills and Thurindol

Small Ranger camp in the Slag-hills

These quests auto bestows as you approach Fusham Gund while doing the Quest: Surveying the Morannon before you have completed Travelling Through the Smoke

The above quest is prerequisite for the Lang Rhuven quest chain, which is part of Dagorlad. Once you complete that chain, the quests below will unlock. Once these are completed, the fellowship crafting instances will be unlocked.

Skoironk Resource Dungeon quests

These quests offer a choice of crafting ingredients upon completion.
For more information see also:

Small Ranger camp in the Slag-hills Regarding Locked Strongbox (Optional): In all four resource instances this quest is auto-bestowed at the final boss. Even though all four quests have the same name, they are treated as different quests. To complete these quests you must barter for a Set of Brittle Lock-picks which you use to open the lockbox.

Thurindol - Solo Resource and Crafting Dungeons
Candúr - Fellowship Resource and Crafting Dungeons

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