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Salamanders are found in Evendim in the Barandalf and on Tyl Ruinen. Other types are found in places such as The Water-works of Moria and Gollum's Cave in the Misty Mountains. They are "normal" and are always aggressive. They are weak to Ancient Dwarf damage and resistant to Song.

Note: Some Worms elsewhere use the name Salamander.


Salamanders are one of the smallest breeds of Dragon-kind. Most are about the size of a large dog though they are known to grow larger. A wingless species, they are assumed to be related to Worms. Like many Dragons, Salamanders can produce bursts of fire with their breath and are immune to its damage. Their origins are unknown, though the Dark Lord Morgoth was said to have used many breeds of serpent and lizard to produce the race of Dragons. In the Third Age, the most recent plague of Salamanders seems to have originated on the island of Tyl Ruinen in Lake Evendim, and has begun to spread from there.

Salamanders are not mentioned in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. In medieval alchemy and folklore, they were believed to be elemental creatures with mastery of fire.