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The following note may be used by any Escrow Broker

Escrow Broker Note

An Escrow Broker stores belongings from an abandoned house to be collected within a limited time of two weeks. After a house is abandoned or condemned any belongings left in that house go to a Housing Escrow where they stay for no more than 14 days before they disappear (this may also happen if there is a technical change to the house type). The escrow is accessible by speaking to an Escrow Broker or a Vault-keeper. Items bound to a character can only be accessed by its owner.

One or more items have ben placed in your Housing Escrow. This can happen because you have abandoned or lost a house with decorations or items in chests there. It can also happen if a change was made to the type and number of hooks in your house.
To retrieve these items, visit an Escrow Broker and choose the option to view your escrow. Items can only be removed from escrow.

Escrow Brokers of Middle-earth

NPC Location Region
Joy Hayseed Bree-town Vault Bree-land
Percy Thistledown Bree-land Homesteads Bree-land
Álarr and Dyr Thorin's Hall Homesteads Ered Luin
Faembereth Falathlorn Homesteads Ered Luin
Taidelen Celondim's Crafting Terrace Ered Luin
Túki Thorin's Hall - The Great Hall Ered Luin
Clem Underhill Town Hole, Michel Delving The Shire
Mary Boffin Shire Homesteads The Shire
Ormbes The Last Homely House The Trollshaws

Note: All Vault-keepers also provide access to the House Escrow.

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