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  1. [72] A Dark and Lonely Forest
  2. [72] A Peace-shattering Silence (after completing A Dark and Lonely Forest) You will receive a pickaxe in your inventory which you need for quest progression
    • [72] A Shameful Loss This quest is not required, but if you lose the pickaxe you can use this quest to get a new one
    1. [72] Seeking a Solution You will need a pickaxe in order to accept this quest. Slaying Nulchulth at the end rewards you with a token, which is necessary for the following quest
    2. [72] Evil in the Wood You need a token to accept this quest, which drops from the Nulchulth. If you lose it, you can regain a pickaxe from Saeradan and redo this small quest series
  3. [72] Joining the Hunt
  4. [72] In the Shadow of the Mountain
  5. [72] Tribunal of Shadows
  6. [72] Eyes of the Riders
  7. [72] Silent Riders
  8. [72] Taking a Stand
  9. [72] Coming to a Conclusion
  10. [72] Bringer of Ill News

Volume 3, Book 4: