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Region: Moria
Area: The Redhorn Lodes
Location: [10.8S, 103.2W]
Budkhul-beken Topside.jpg


Budkhul-beken is a landmark in the Redhorn Lodes [10.8S, 103.2W]

Budkhul-beken, a terrace high in the cavern wall, is only accessible from Nud-melek.

Despite being located within this region, it cannot be reached from within the Redhorn Lodes at all. The best you can do is view it from the Gate of Ruin, while looking to the southeast, as a bit of terrace wall that is barely visible.

Getting to Budkhul-beken can only be described as difficult. First you must get to Sigin-tharâkh within Nud-melek, specifically you're looking for a Durub orc guardpost [9.7S, 101.6W], climb the stairs to the south. At the top of the stairs is another guardpost, beyond which (to the southwest) is a very short passage leading to an intersection. Head toward the west which leads downward to Budkhul-beken with its superb view. At least, you will be able to enjoy the view, once you deal with another Durub guardpost.

A different method (possibly same as above): From Sigin-tharâkh head north until the path turns west. Continue west until it comes to a T; take the right (north) path. Stay on this path, keeping to the west, until the path turns to the left and doubles back up the stairs to the left (you might recognise this from the epic quest line). Go up the stairs, and at the top [10.0S, 101.7W] it T's again to the east and west. West is a cavern, east is a paved bridge. Take the west path. Shortly after that, the path forks to the north and west. The northern path heads up stairs, but do not take this. Opt for the west path, which should be a direct route to Budkhul-beken.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:


Budkhul-beken provides a commanding view of the great cavern below. Perhaps in days long past, the mine's overseers stood here to plan out their excavations; now all one can see are the shattered ruins below, crawling with Orcs...


Budkhul-beken viewed from below The view from Budkhul-beken