Bane Flare

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Bane Flare-icon.png
 Bane Flare
  • 10.2m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Max Targets: 5
  • Radius: 10m
  • Induction: 1s
  • Resistance: Physical
  • A flare in the sky dazes the enemy, but damage will break its stupor.
  • 15s Daze
  • 100% break chance on damage after 4s
  • Cost: (Level × 1.5) Power
  • Cooldown: 1m

General Information

Class: Lore-master

Level: 18


Using this skill causes Dazed to occur on an enemy target.


The Lore-master's Book Legacy Target Resistance (Debuffing Skills) decreases the resistance to this skill by up to 3608.
The Lore-master's Book Legacy Bane Flare Targets increases the maximum amount of targets of this skill by up to five.

Tactical Information

Bane Flare is an interesting hybrid of a stun and a daze. It initially causes a four second stun, in which damage can be dealt without breaking the crowd-control, followed by a ten second daze, in which damage will break the crowd-control. The stun will not cause Temporary State Immunity.

As opposed to the single-target daze Blinding Flash, the duration of Bane Flare is fifteen seconds while the cooldown is one minute, meaning that you are not able to keep the targets dazed permanently. An advantage of Bane Flare though is that you are able to daze up to ten targets at once, thus being able to lock down a whole group of enemies while they can quickly be taken down by AoE DPS or taken out one by one, without taking much damage yourself. In worst cases, Call to the Valar can be used to reset the cooldown so you can apply another daze after the fifteen seconds are over.

This skill can also be used to interrupt groups of casters or summoners, if not resisted. However, a Blinding Flash with the Fast Loader trait equipped is more effective, since it does not have an induction and can be used from a larger range.


This skill may be inspired by George Romero's movie Land of the Dead (2005), in which the protagonists use fireworks referred to as "Sky Flowers" to mesmerize the masses of enemy zombies. Before the Riders of Rohan expansion, Bane Flare worked only on the Dead.