Assailment (Warden Specialization)

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Assailment (Yellow line) is a Warden Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are Determination and Recklessness.

Note: It is not possible to specialise in this trait tree!

Wields Javelin and clever tactics to harm and hinder foes.
Though the Warden can not specialize in Assailment, the ability to harry enemies when needed can be invaluable. Assailment techniques are focused on increasing javelin damage, debuffing enemies, and augmenting your core gambits, useful when fighting either alone or in a fellowship.


These skills are acquired by spending points in the Warden Assailment (Yellow) trait tree.

Stance Active Skills Category Cooldown Range Source
In the Fray-icon.png Assailment-icon.png Javelin of Deadly Force-icon.png Javelin of Deadly Force Ranged + Buff 1m 30.2m Trait: Javelin of Deadly Force (Trait)-icon.png Javelin of Deadly Force
In the Fray-icon.png Assailment-icon.png Fire at Will-icon.png Fire at Will Fellowship Buff 1m 40m Trait: Fire at Will (Trait)-icon.png Fire at Will
In the Fray-icon.png Assailment-icon.png Rapid Techniques-icon.png Rapid Techniques Buff 1m 30s Self Trait: Rapid Technique-icon.png Rapid Technique


Obtained by spending Trait Points in the Warden Assailment Trait Tree.

Note: Some traits in this tree have an increased cost in Trait Points in order to acquire and/or rank up, regardless of specialisation.

Trait Description Source Cost per Rank
Ranged Damage (Trait)-icon.png Ranged Damage Increases Ranged Damage. Trait: 0+ ranks 1 Point
Bane of Shadow-icon.png Bane of Shadow Increases Light-type Damage. Trait: 0+ ranks 1 point
Movement Training-icon.png Movement Training Improves Ratings Buffs from Shield Gambits. Trait: 0+ ranks 1 Point
Marked Target (Trait)-icon.png Marked Targets Gambits in the Boot - Cauterizing Steel sequence will apply a Physical Mitigation debuff to targets hit. Trait: 0+ ranks 2 Points
Momentum (Trait)-icon.png Endurance Training Reduces Attack Duration in Assailment. Trait: 5+ ranks 1 Point
Bulls-eye-icon.png Bulls-eye Increases Critical Chance and Ranged Critical Damage. Trait: 5+ ranks 1 Point
Finesse (Trait)-icon.png Finesse Buff Trait: 5+ ranks 1 Point
Diminished Target (Trait)-icon.png Diminished Targets Gambits in the Precise Blow - Spear of Fate sequence will apply a Tactical Mitigation debuff debuff to targets hit. Trait: 5+ ranks 2 Points
Endurance Training-icon.png Throwing Arm Increases Javelin Skills Max Range. Trait: 10+ ranks 1 Point
Battering Strikes-icon.png Battering Strikes Adds a Critical Defence debuff to Gambits in the Offensive Strike - Unseen Strikes sequence. Trait: 10+ ranks 2 Points
Strong Foundations-icon.png Strong Foundations Gambit Builders will reduce the active cooldown of Mastery skills. Trait: 10+ ranks 2 Points
Enduring Assailment-icon.png Enduring Assailment Increases duration of Suppression, Battering Strikes, and No Respite debuffs. Trait: 10+ ranks 1 Point
Piercing Javelins-icon.png Piercing Javelins Improves Resistance Penetration of Javelin Skills and Gambits. Trait: 15+ ranks 1 Point
Suppression-icon.png Suppression Adds a Damage debuff to Gambits in the War Cry - Desolation sequence. Trait: 15+ ranks 2 Points
Javelin of Deadly Force (Trait)-icon.png Javelin of Deadly Force Grants the skill Javelin of Deadly Force. Trait: 20+ ranks 3 Points
Adroit Ambush-icon.png Adroit Ambush Adroit Manoeuvre and Ranged Adroit Manoeuvre will remove the induction of the next Ambush. Trait: 20+ ranks 2 Points
Snap Shot-icon.png Snap Shot Gambit Builders have a chance to reset Javelin skill cooldowns. Trait: 25+ ranks, Javelin of Deadly Force (1) 2 Points
Fire at Will (Trait)-icon.png Fire at Will Grants the skill Fire at Will. Trait: 25+ ranks 2 Points
Rapid Technique-icon.png Rapid Technique Grants the skill Rapid Techniques. Trait: 30+ ranks 3 Points