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The following skill values (marked with an X) vary per player level and are incompletely documented on this wiki. They should be looked up in-game and added to their respective value tables. In the list below, the skills are sorted by level, so you can can see in one glance which skills to check for your character and which not. Remember that some traits and legacies affect the values you're gathering. You can look up which these are under the "Traits" and "Interactions" sections of the skill page. The values that need to be added to the tables are the unaltered base values, so make sure to unspec traits and unequip LI's that affect the skills you are working on.

Skill Morale cost Power cost Power per second Negate/reflect Rating Level acquired
Sign of Power: Command X X 1
Inner Flame X X 4
Test of Will X X 6
Gust of Wind X 8
Cracked Earth X X 14
Light of the Rising Dawn X X 18
Power of Knowledge X 16
Wisdom of the Council X 20
Ents go to War X X 41
Air-lore / Continual Air-lore X 44/64
Lightning Storm X X 50
Sign of Power: See All Ends X 58
Improved Sign of Power: Command X X 66

The following skills share their values:

  • All seven skills that cost morale have the same values for morale cost.
  • Wisdom of the Council damage reflected and (Continual) Air-lore negated.

Note: Sign of Power: Command and Sign of the Wild: Protection (now obsolete) used to share their parry rating.

Skill Power cost Damage Damage over time In-combat power regen Pet level acquired
Roaring Challenge X 1
Shatter Arms X X 19
Bear Hug X X 29
Benediction of the Raven X 15
Distraction X X >15
Fan the Flames X X 17
Beak Rend X X 17
Nobility X 17
Angry Bees X X X 20
Root Strike X X 20
Bursting Root X X 20
Surprise Attack X X 30
Feral Strike X X 34
Slashing Claws X X 39
Frostbite X X 56
Fury of Winter X X 56
Throat Slash X X 56

Note: the following skills share their power cost:

  • Benediction of the Raven, Distraction, Roaring Challenge, Bear Hug, Angry Bees, Root Strike and Bursting Root.
  • Feral Strike, Fan the Flames, Beak Rend, Frostbite, Fury of Winter and Throat Slash.

Any help on lore-master values highly appreciated!