Update 11.3, Official - August 26, 2013

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Update 11.3 Release Notes - Official

Of Special Note

The Bounder’s Bounty is here!

The Shire has long been a happy, quiet land, with little need to know of or care about movements in the great lands beyond. However, in the last years, threats have been increasing at our borders. Strange persons and creatures can be seen prowling in ever greater numbers, with the once exotic glimpse of a travelling elf or dwarf growing more common by the day. Learn more by reading the Open Letter from the Bounders and the Developer Diary by Aubergine!

Release Notes

Lag and Mounted combat

Players who have previously reported issues with lag and 'rubber banding' while using a Warsteed or during Mounted Combat should see these issues improve. Fixed a bug that was causing some previous performance improvements not to have their full effect.


If your Summerfest Steed went missing, you will have the chance to get it back during the Farmers Faire. It will be on sale on the Farmers Faire rewards vendors and at Hengstacer Farm for the cost of a single Farmers Faire token.


Our previous change to the mail system only updated the expiration time displayed instead of updating the actual amount of time before the mail returned to sender or was removed from your inbox. Mail should now correctly be returned to sender or deleted after 42 days for unopened mail and deleted after 7 days for opened mail.


Newly purchased houses are no longer foreclosed upon based on grace period from previous owner.


Wildermore – Writhendowns - Thrymm will no longer phase out of his camp until all quests that he bestows have been completed


Draigoch isn't always willing to take a punch. We've explained to him that his lot in life is to be beat upon by players and he should really just Dragon Up and take it.

The Ettenmoors

The Morale Bubble Potion can no longer be used in the Ettenmoors.


Fixed a bug that was preventing certain preorder bonuses that automatically apply to a character from being granted on login if the character’s inventory was full.


Update 11.3 Release Notes - Official