Update 11.4, Official - September 23, 2013

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Update 11.4 Release Notes - Official


  • Players with specific video cards were experiencing crashes to desktop and Blue/Black screens. This has been resolved.


  • The about screen no longer states the launcher is for ‘Internal use only’.
  • Under certain circumstances players would not see the news feed in the launcher. This has been resolved.

Mounted Combat

  • Addressed a number of issues with movement controls on War-steeds.
  • Issues with mounted /follow and the 'Spur On' skill introduced in patch 11.3 should now be fixed.


  • Racial mounts were missing their lighting and flame effects.
  • The Red Skeleton Steed items are no longer Unique.
  • Fixed a problem where players could become temporarily dismounted from their stable travel mounts.
  • Fixed an issue with the mounted /follow and “Spur On” skill.


The Bounder’s Bounty

  • Players who turned in the quest “Aiding the Bounty” but did not get Deed credit will now get all credit for previously-turned-in quests, along with future turn-ins.


We’ve resolved the following issues with the Bounder's Bounty:

  • Players can now turn in 'Aiding the Bounty' even after the server has achieved their unlock.

Steed of Michel Delving

  • The Travel mount pelt now matches the steed on display.
  • Corrected placeholder icons.
  • The item no longer claims to grant a goat.


Update 11.4 Release Notes - Official