Shirriff Robin Smallburrow

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Shirriff Robin Smallburrow
Image of Shirriff Robin Smallburrow
Title Shirriff
Gender Male
Race Hobbit
Region The Shire
Area Hobbiton-Bywater
Settlement Hobbiton
Interior The Ivy Bush
Map Ref [31.4S, 71.1W]


Shirriff Robin Smallburrow is a Shirriff from Hobbiton in the Shire who can be found inside the Ivy Bush Inn. He is also known under the less flattering name "Cock-robin". He's not fond of spiders, ... nor much labour at all.

Robin put himself forward as a Shirriff six years before the War of the Ring began.

In history after the Lotro era he became caught up in the events of that War, and was pressed into service by the villainous Chief at Bag End:

Sam had been looking the Shirriffs up and down and had spotted one that he knew. 'Hey, come here Robin Smallburrow!' he called. 'I want a word with you.'
With a sheepish glance at his leader, who looked wrathful but did not dare to interfere, Shirriff Smallburrow fell back and walked beside Sam, who got down off his pony.
'Look here, Cock-robin!' said Sam. 'You're Hobbiton-bred and ought to have more sense, a-waylaying Mr. Frodo and all. ... — The Return of the King

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"I didn't go for Shirriff to step on spiders!"

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