Quest:The Writhing Glade

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The Writhing Glade
Level 63
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Nenedhel
Starts at Estolad Mernael
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [16.9S, 54.7W]
Ends with Nífdir
Ends at The Drownholt
End Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [18.3S, 57.4W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'My host of the Malledhrim will not be marching without Nífdir among them; I will wait for him, but he must not tarry long. Please make sure he knows this. If you can find a way to assist him so that his work does not delay him overlong, you will be helping me also.

'Go back to Nífdir, <name>, and lend what aid you can. I do not know if there is much that can be done for the poor inhabitants of this foreboding swamp. Many of my folk feel that there is no hope or heart left in the swamp-lands...but you should not despair.

'The fear from Dol Guldur has thrown a long shadow across these once-fair woods, yet the power of the Elves is strong also. Do not give up hope.'


Nífdir wishes to learn what ails the violent trees of the Drownholt, and help them if it is possible to do so.

Objective 1

Nífdir can be found at a small camp to the west of Estolad Mernael.

Nenedhel has asked you once again to seek out Nífdir in the heart of the Drownholt.

Nífdir: 'Ah, <name>! I am surprised to see you and very pleased that Nenedhel sent you back to me. When we passed through the swamp-lands, we all heard it -- the wrath and pain from deep within the hearts of the trees. The others took a wide detour to avoid the glade that seemed to be the very heart of malice.
'I have a way with trees, but I fear these huorns. I am no warrior, you see, so I have been watching their movements from this outlook. But perhaps you, a worthy <class>, will have better luck if you approach them.
Try to speak with them, but do not let yourself come to harm! You might be met with much hostility if you dare this task. Be wary, friend.'

Objective 2

Huorns can be found in Sâd Meryrn, due south of Nífdir's small camp. You should travel north and west to reach their glade.

You should approach Huorns and attempt to speak with them, but Nífdir has advised you to be prepared for much open hostility.

Objective 3

The Wrathful Huorn stands in Sâd Meryrn.

One Mirk-huorn does not seem as malicious as the rest; you should approach it and learn what you can from it.

This Huorn's twigs shiver menacingly as you draw near, but it does not attack. Surely this is the tree that the Elves perceived as they passed Sâd Meryrn.
As you stand at its roots, your mind is impressed with recollections of a fair green forest full of new life, and of a shadow of fear, ever-growing. The green life withers, blackens, and dies. Evil poisons consume the very water and air.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Nífdir at his camp

Nífdir is at the camp overlooking Sâd Meryrn from the north.

You should speak with Nífdir and tell him of the strange conversation of sorts that passed between yourself and the Mirk-huorn.

Nífdir: 'This is a sad tale, <name>! Most of the creatures you will find as you wander this dour forest are evil and have always been evil. But trees have long, long memories, unlike the other children of the Middle-earth -- that is why they are so familial to me, I think.
'It is long since these trees have had any hope, but they have not forgotten the brighter days. Poor creatures! Perhaps if I can devise a way to help them, if you could give me a moment to think....'