Quest:Rending the Shadows of Sâd Meryrn

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Rending the Shadows of Sâd Meryrn
Level 63
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Nífdir
Starts at The Drownholt
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [18.3S, 57.4W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Here, mellon; take the seedling back and keep it safe. Do not let any harm it!

'Menassiel chose a promising young mallorn, and I am very pleased to offer this to the Mirk-huorns. Good fortune upon this venture, <name>. I hope all goes well this time.'


You now carry a gift of light and hope for the corrupted Mirk-huorns of Sâd Meryrn. However evil they now seem, these old creatures of Mirkwood stir pity, for their long memory has not let them forget the taste of clean air and sunlight, when life was greener.

Objective 1

Sâd Meryrn can be found due south of Nífdir's camp, but you should strike north and west to reach the glade.

Nífdir has asked you to plant the mallorn seedling in Sâd Meryrn.

You have planted the seedling

Objective 2

Nenedhel awaits news of Nífdir's endeavour at Estolad Mernael, east of Nífdir's encampment.

You should speak with Nenedhel and inform him that Nífdir's task is complete.

Nenedhel: 'You have not been gone very long, <name>, but it sounds as though much has been accomplished! You have my thanks. I am glad Nífdir will have fulfilled his wish to be of aid to the pained creatures here.'