Quest:Instance: Skorgrím's Tomb

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Instance: Skorgrím's Tomb
Level 5
Type Solo only
Starts with Dwalin
Starts at Frerin's Court
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [15.0S, 103.2W]
Quest Group Introduction (Dwarf/Elf)
Race(s) Dwarf, Elf
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Skorgrím's Tomb
"It would seem that Gormr and the Dourhands have allied themselves with evil fell spirits of Old, just as Skorgrím himself did long ago. Now Ivar the Bloodhand, a Gaunt-lord, threatens to sway the Dourhands to evil with the terrifying ritual about to take place in Skorgrím's Tomb...."


The Dourhand dwarves hope to restore their long-dead leader, Skorgrím, to life. Alongside Dwalin, you have travelled to the tomb delved by the Dourhands for Skorgrím to put an end to their plans.

Objective 1

Accompany and defend Dwalin as you make your way into Skorgrím's tomb.

Dwalin: 'Can you sense it, <name>? There's evil in the air here! The last time I felt something like this was when I was crossing through Mirkwood all those years ago. We'll need to keep our wits sharp in here!
'Elrohir and the others are here to help, but we shouldn't delay too long, or we may miss our chance to stop whatever evil is happening here. We must go now! Are you ready?'
  • Follow Dwalin
Dwalin says, "Come along now."
Nos Grimsong says, "Charge!"
Dwalin says, "To the end of this hall! We must stop the Dourhands."
Dwalin says, "Gormr! You must stop this!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Stop? Even as the Dourhands reclaim their glory? I think not!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "No more will Longbeards and Elves determine our fortunes!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Skorgrím will return! Of course, you will not live to see it. Dourhands, kill them all."
Dwalin says, "Stand firm!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Dwalin

Follow Dwalin to see if you can stop the resurrection.

Dwalin: 'I fear what Gormr has done. We may be too late, but Ivar is too powerful for us to storm the tomb directly. He will stop us if we try. We will need to find another way around.
'Elladan and Elrohir will go see if they can find an alternate path. We will head up these stairs and see if we can sneak around the side. Let's hurry!'
  • Follow Dwalin
Dwalin says, "I believe him. I'm not sure why, but I do. We will have to find a way around."
Elladan says, "We will look back here for another entrance!"
Elrohir says, "We will meet you there."
Dwalin says, "We are too late! The ritual has begun! Wait here."
Dwalin says, "Patience, there are too many for us to overcome. We must wait for the Elves."
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "It is time to bring back the great dwarf-lord! But first, sacrifices must be made!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Sacrifices? What are you saying? Skorgrím must lead the Dourhands to glory."
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "There are more powerful forces awakening. It is not the Dourhands we mean to empower! Let us begin!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Skorgrím will right this wrong...wait, what are you doing?"
Skorgrím says, "I have awoken."
Ivar the Blood-hand says, "Good. Then come with me, Skorgrím. We have much to discuss and forces gather that would stop us."
Skorgrím says, "I will follow you, Ivar. Let these dwarves handle the others."
Gormr Doursmith says, "I am betrayed! Stop now, Ivar! Skorgrím must stay and return us to our former glory."
Dwalin says, "I warned you, Gormr. Your action was folly from the beginning. The Dourhands are shamed."
Gormr Doursmith says, "It's the Longbeards and your love of Elves that shames us all! You will pay for this!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "For Skorgrím!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Haaa!"
Gormr Doursmith says, "Worthless fool!"
(When Gormr falls)
Gormr Doursmith says, "I give my life...for Skorgrím!"
(When Gormr and his dwarves are defeated)
Dwalin says, "He was a base coward! Let us flee this place!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Dwalin

Continue to defend Dwalin as you near your goal: the place where the ritual to restore Skorgrím is being performed!

Dwalin: 'We need to get out of here! We have made a significant blow to the Dourhands, even if we could not stop the ritual from taking place. Skorgrim will have to be dealt with another day.
'Quickly now, we must flee. Whatever Ivar has done, the place is coming down around us!'
  • Flee the tomb with Dwalin
Dwalin says, "We need to leave before this place becomes the Tomb of <name>!"
Dwalin says, "The main way is blocked. We must find the Elves and flee this tomb!"
Dwalin says, "Did you get lost, Elf? Skorgrím and Ivar have escaped!"
Elladan says, "The Dead lurk everywhere. It was no easy task reaching this landing."
Dwalin says, "The good news, at least, is that we have defeated Gormr and most of the Dourhands!"
Elladan says, "The Dead have subsided for a moment, but more will be here before much time passes."
Elrohir says, "We need to get through this door. Several Dourhands ran in here and barricaded themselves inside."
Dwalin says, "My axe will take care of that, no problem! Move aside!"
Dwalin says, "Stand back now!"
Dwalin says, "Let's go!"
Elladan says, "We will wait here and protect you. May we meet again."
Dwalin says, "You will meet your end here, cur!"
Dwalin says, "For the Longbeards!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Dwalin

Having fled the halls, speak with Dwalin one more time.

Dwalin: 'Ah, even though we did not stop the Dourhands' plans, we have done well here this day, <name>. At the end of this day, Thorin's Hall shall be free of the Dourhands and all will know they are dwarves of no account.
Dwarf path
'I wonder though, when will we see the effects of this day and the return of Skorgrím? I will be glad to have you in Thorin's Hall as one of my good and sturdy dwarves.
'Now, let us leave these halls behind us!'
Elf path
'I wonder though, when will we see the effects of this day and the return of Skorgrím? I hope that after you and your fellow Elves leave Thorin's Hall behind you, that you return and aid us. You have proven a valuable friend!
'Now, let us leave these halls behind us!'
Dwalin: 'Are you ready to leave these halls, friend? I, for one, will be glad to put them behind me!'