Quest:Instance: At a Crossroads

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Instance: At a Crossroads
Level 45
Type Solo
Starts with Erlys
Starts at Cuan-lûth Refuge
Start Region The Angle of Mitheithel
Map Ref [41.6S, 23.3W]
Quest Group The Angle
Quest Text

At A Crossroads
"The Cuan-lûth do not bow easily to those with power, and the Rangers of Tornhad are no exception."


Accompanied by Erlys and Igrain, you set out for Tornhad to save Cariad.

Objective 1

You should talk to Erlys before approaching Tornhad.

Erlys: 'I may not trust the Rangers, but I'd like to do this with minimal bloodshed if possible. Follow me.'

Objective 2

  • Follow Erlys

You should follow Erlys.

Igrain says, "Is this not a Ranger stronghold? Where are the Rangers?"
Erlys says, "It matters not. The fewer Rangers we meet along the way, the better."
Igrain says, "Perhaps. But not knowing where they are makes me uneasy."
Erlys says, "Hold! There's Cariad."
Igrain says, "I recognize the woman with them. A spy, like me."
Erlys says, "Let's observe. Do not leave this area, lest they see us!"

Objective 3

Lagordal says, "This man is one of the fugitives you're looking for, yes? I can direct you to the rest."
Lagordal says, "If you take them and leave, I'll let you go peacefully."
Dunlending Spy says, "Why would a Ranger like you help me?"
Lagordal says, "Do not mistake this for me helping you."
Lagordal says, "The Dúnedain have enough worries to tend to."
Lagordal says, "These fugitives are just one more problem to be solved."
Dunlending Spy says, "Wait. Who's there?"
Dunlending Spy says, "There's no use hiding from me. Show yourself!"

Objective 4

  • Confront Lagordal and the spy

The spy has noticed your presence.

You should confront her and Lagordal with your allies.

Dunlending Spy says, "Igrain? Why are you..."
Igrain says, "There are other ways to survive. Saruman cares not for us."
Igrain says, "I have chosen my side. Choose yours wisely."
Dunlending Spy says, "Just to have enemies on both sides of this war?"
Dunlending Spy says, "No. That's not a life I want."
Dunlending Spy says, "Was this a trap, Ranger? Was I a fool to believe you?"
Lagordal says, "I did not intend for this to happen, I swear it!"
Dunlending Spy says, "Then prove it now. My life for the White Hand!"

Objective 5

The confrontation has ended violently.

You should defend Erlys and Igrain.

Objective 6

  • Wait for Erlys to question Lagordal

The spy has been defeated, but Lagordal survives.

Erlys says, "I see the wizard's words have swayed you, Ranger."
Lagordal says, "Never. I was trying to maintain what little peace we had."
Lagordal says, "But you've ruined it. Saruman will continue to harry us!"
Lagordal says, "What power do we hold against the wizard?!"
Erlys says, "<name>, untie Cariad's bonds."

Objective 7

Erlys has ordered you to release Cariad.

Objective 8

  • Wait for further commands from Erlys

You should wait for further commands from Erlys.

Cariad says, "I'm sorry, Erlys. My quest for peace was an ill-fated one."
Cariad says, "There is a long road ahead, with many hurts to mend first."
Erlys says, "You understand now. Peace is not easy."
Ranger of Tornhad says, "What is the meaning of this?"
Lagordal says, "These Dunlendings intend to kill me!"
Erlys says, "Why don't you tell them the truth, <name>? They clearly do not trust us."

Objective 9

  • Talk to the Ranger

A Ranger has demanded to know the reason behind the Dunlendings' presence here.

You should tell her what has happened.

Ranger of Tornhad: 'I must confess, if it were not for your presence, I would have thought the Dunlendings were here for vengeance.
'These accusations agaisnt Lagordal are grave. To see one of our own so readily aid the White Wizard's spies... it is distressing, to say the least.'

Objective 10

  • Wait for Lagordal's sentencing

There is still the question of Lagordal's fate.

Ranger of Tornhad says, "We'll take Lagordal and question him."
Erlys says, "No. We know he is guilty. That is all we need."
Ranger of Tornhad says, "But --"
Erlys says, "Listen, duvodiad, every single last one of you!"
Erlys says, "Long did our ancestors dwell in the Angle, before yours came with blades and a hunger to conquer."
Erlys says, "You cannot push us out any longer. We shall stay."
Erlys says, "The Cuan-lûth will never see Saruman as an ally, but neither will we offer you aid."
Ranger of Tornhad says, "I cannot deny your words."
Ranger of Tornhad says, "Do what you wish with Lagordal, then. His fate is no longer ours."
Erlys defeats Lagordal
Erlys says, "And now you know what befalls those who dare to endanger my people."
Erlys says, "We are done here, <name>."

Objective 11

  • Talk to Erlys

You have helped free Cariad and end Lagordal's scheming.

You should talk to Erlys.

Erlys: 'I'm glad that you proved me wrong, duvodiad.
'Before you set out again, come back and share a meal with us.'
Erlys: 'Onwards, then.'