Quest:An Audience with the Cuan-lûth

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An Audience with the Cuan-lûth
Level 44
Type Solo only
Starts with Cariad
Starts at Cuan-lûth Refuge
Start Region The Angle of Mitheithel
Map Ref [41.6S, 23.4W]
Quest Group The Angle
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Am I right to assume the Rangers consider you a friend? Perhaps you could help me then.

'We'd stand a better chance against Saruman with the Rangers' help. I am... hesitant to approach them alone, but with you, this mad plan of mine might be feasible.

'I should introduce you to Erlys; she has led our people out of Dunland with her wisdom and cunning. No doubt she will have her own thoughts about this.'


You may be the key to Cariad's plan.

Objective 1

Cariad wishes to introduce you to Erlys, the woman who leads this group of Dunlending refugees.

He waits in front of the Cuan-lûth Refuge.

Cariad: 'Come, let's go inside.'
WARNING: This is a solo instance and cannot be completed in a fellowship.
Complete the [44] instance: An Audience with the Cuan-lûth

Objective 2

  • Talk to Cariad

Cariad waits for you in front of the Cuan-lûth Refuge.

Cariad: 'My clan may not trust you, but you have been a staunch ally thus far. Would you come with me to Thelgarth?'