Quest:Instance: An Audience with the Cuan-lûth

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Instance: An Audience with the Cuan-lûth
Level 44
Type Solo only
Starts with Cariad
Starts at Cuan-lûth Refuge
Start Region The Angle of Mitheithel
Map Ref [41.6S, 23.4W]
Quest Group The Angle
Quest Text

An Audience with the Cuan-lûth
"Though Cariad would like for you to help him approach the Rangers, discussing such matters with the leader of his people may be another problem."


Cariad has brought you to meet the rest of his people, the Cuan-lûth of Dunland.

Objective 1

You should talk to Cariad before approaching Erlys.

Cariad: 'I'm sorry you had to disarm before entering. My people don't trust you, and if I'm being honest, you'll have to prove yourself to me a bit more before I can fully trust you. I hope you understand.
'Don't worry, no harm will come to you as long as you don't do anything rash. You have my word.'

Objective 2

  • Observe the discussion

Cariad is waiting for you at the entrance of the Cuan-lûth refuge.

You should talk to him there.

Erlys says, "Duvodiad! If it weren't for Cariad's request, I would not be meeting with you."
Erlys says, "Why have you come?"
Cariad says, "A Ranger asked them to investigate "unsavoury folks" from the south."
Erlys says, "Ah yes, the one who ignored our warnings and received an arrow for his troubles."
Erlys says, "What did he mean by "unsavoury folks?" Saruman's spies, or us?"
Erlys says, "Would he bother telling us apart?"
Cariad says, "I understand, but I watched <name> defeat several of Saruman's crebain."
Erlys says, "So now you expect their friends to help us too? That is folly."
Erlys says, "The Rangers won't give up their resources, especially during war."
Erlys says, "Need I remind you that their ancestors stole this land from us?"
Cuan-lûth Warrior says, "Erlys, there's a woman watching the cave entrance. We don't recognize her."
Erlys says, "Then she's a spy. Duvodiad, why don't you try defeating her?"
Cariad says, "Don't worry, <name>, you'll get your weapons back."

Objective 3

  • Confront the spy outside

A spy of Saruman's has been spotted outside the cave.

Erlys has ordered you to confront and defeat the spy.

Igrain says, "I hunt the Cuan-lûth, not you. Leave now."
Igrain says, "I gave you a chance."
Igrain says, "I surrender! Please, I don't want to die."
Erlys says, "That's a rather glaring flaw for a spy of Saruman, don't you think?"
Igrain says, "I didn't have much of a choice to begin with."
Erlys says, "Do you really wish to be a pawn for someone so uncaring of your survival?"
Igrain says, "...No."
Erlys says, "Then you won't die by my hand today."
Erlys says, "Do others know of our location?"
Igrain says, "I was the only one, but I kept written reports in Thelgarth."
Erlys says, "Cariad, find and destroy those reports."
Cariad says, "Yes, but will you not reconsider asking the Rangers --"
Erlys says, "I refuse to beg."
Erlys says, "You, duvodiad. Leave my people be."
Cariad says, "..."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Cariad

You should talk to Cariad about Erlys' opinion of the Rangers.

Cariad: 'Why can Erlys not see that the odds are stacked against us? Her stubbornness will be the death of her one day.
'Forgive me; that was an ugly thing to say. She wants the best for us, but she can be rather short-sighted during the worst of times.'
Cariad: 'No matter. There are more important things to attend to for now.'