Quest:Foreword: The Strength of Men

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Foreword: The Strength of Men
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Boromir
Starts at The Guest Rooms
Start Region Rivendell
Map Ref [30.7S, 6.2W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Prologue
Race(s) Man
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It does my heart good to see a <Man/Woman> such as you, <name>! Aragorn there seems a strong Man, but he seems to prize the friendship of Elves over that of his own kind. So many Elves in this place! Every hour we spend in this hidden valley prolongs the struggle of Gondor; how many men will fall in its defence ere we depart?

'My sword-arm itches for battle, and my horn longs to be sounded! You understand the need we have for haste, <name> -- you are not like these others, who live for such a long span that the concerns of the present must seem trivial, or meaningless. But it is not so!

'Climb the winding road to the south entrance to the valley and ask the guards there if they have need of my vigilance. I will spend the time until we depart guarding the borders, if they have need of my strength.'


Boromir of Gondor is restless waiting in Rivendell and is eager to depart on the secret errand of his company, but he is concerned that the Elves of Rivendell do not appreciate the sacrifices of his people.

Objective 1

The guards at the southern entrance to the Vale of Imladris are atop the road that winds up the southern slope from the guest rooms.

Boromir has asked you to see if the guards at the southern entrance to the Vale of Imladris require the strength of his arm in the valley's defence.

Sentinel: 'We have things here at the entrance to the valley well in hand, <name>. I appreciate the intention of our visitor from the South, but we have no need of his assistance; Imladris has been safe from attack for long years before either he -- or you -- walked in Eriador.
'Thank him for the offer, but tell him his concern is misplaced. The Elves can protect Imladris.'

Objective 2

Boromir is in one of the guest rooms along the road that winds up the southern slope of the Vale of Imladris.

The guards at the southern entrance to the valley have politely rebuffed Boromir's offer of aid.

Boromir: 'What did you say, <name>? The Elves have turned down my offer of aid? This is what I expected, though it grieves me to see it so clearly: the Elves believe they have no need for us, <name>! They may change their opinion if Gondor falls, and change it quickly -- do they not see that our people are their last real defence?
'Have they forgotten the great deeds of our people that have made this land safe? We must remind them, my friend. Go to the Hall of Fire, in the House of Elrond, and remind some of the Elf-singers there of the great deeds of our people: of the Gondorian cavalry, perhaps, and of Elendil and his sons. They will not then undervalue the contributions of our people!'

Objective 3

The Hall of Fire is on the first floor of the House of Elrond, in Rivendell.

Boromir chafes at the lack of respect for your people's sacrifices that he sees in Rivendell and wants you to tell some tales of the great deeds of the Race of Men to Elf-singers in the Hall of Fire.

Elf-singer: At Boromir's urging, you recite the tale of Elendil and his sons, and the strength they brought to bear in the Battle of Dagorlad at the Black Gate of Mordor.
'I know this tale, but I know it by another name, for in Imladris it is called "The Song of the Last Alliance" and involves more characters: not just Elendil the Tall, but Gil-galad our king, and Master Elrond, and Cirdan the Shipwright.
'But you have reminded me of this, and I urge you not to forget it yourself, <name>: neither Elves alone, nor Men alone, could have withstood the power of the Enemy at the siege of Mordor.'
Elf-singer: At Boromir's urging, you recite the tale of the ride of the Gondorian cavalry that pursued the Witch-king from Fornost, where the forces of Angmar were routed.
'A good tale, and the deeds of Prince Eärnur are worthy of remembrance, as are those of many strong Men besides. But your tale has ended before Eärnur's horse gave way in terror of the Witch-king. Were it not for the arrival of the Elf-lord Glorfindel, things may have gone ill for the Captain of Gondor that day.
'But your point is clear: against the great evils of the Shadow, Elves and Men must stand together. It is a lesson gladly remembered.'

Objective 4

Boromir is in one of the guest rooms along the road that winds up the southern slope of the Vale of Imladris.

You have spoken of the deeds of Men in the Hall of Fire and should now return to Boromir.

Boromir: 'You have eased my mind, <name>; though it seem we struggle alone, it is not so. That is why we fight on; not just for our own people, but for all peoples.'