Quest:Catch of the Day

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Catch of the Day
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Laerind
Starts at Ethring
Start Region Ringló Vale
Map Ref [72.0S, 50.1W]
Ends with Laerind
Ends at Ethring
End Region Ringló Vale
Map Ref [72.0S, 50.1W]
Quest Group Ringló Vale
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'Greetings traveller. I have need of your assistance if you can spare the time. We have not received many travellers these last few day since the army marched through. They took many of our best men. Those that remain hide in fear from the darkened skies and ghost stories of blue lights in the woods at night. With this, I am doing what I can to provide Ethring with the defence and supplies it needs but remain short-handed.

'If you are able, I could use assistance in catching fish from the nets down by the river.'


Laerind has asked you to assist her in collecting provisions for the people of Ethring.

Objective 1

  • Collect fish from the nets among the river bank (0/5)

Fish can be found in the nets that run along the riverbank of the river Ringló.

You should collect fish from the nets.

Collected a fish (5/5)
It looks as if something has washed up on the river bank

Objective 2

  • Investigate what washed up on the riverbank

The village of Ethring is located in Ringló Vale.

Investigate what washed up on the riverbank in Ethring.

It appears to be the body of a man

Objective 3

  • Examine the body

The body is in the village of Ethring.

You should examine the body.

It looks like the man died very recently but you cannot deduce a cause of death

Objective 4

Laerind is located in the village of Ethring.

You should tell Laerind of what you have seen.

Laerind: 'A body has washed up on the river bank! This is disturbing news as Ethring has not seen an unnatural death in many years.'
You explain you are not sure how the man died or if it was a murder.
'I see. Perhaps one of the few villagers who have been walking about these last few days knows something about this man's death.'