Item:Outrider's Token

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Outrider's Token
  • Bind to Account
  • Item Level: 10
  • Pocket
  • +10 Fate
    +9 Vitality
    +111 Tactical Mitigation
    +73 Evade Rating
    +25% Experience Gain on Monster Kills and Crafting
  • Maximum Level 74
  • "A small flat stone with an intricate rune carved into its surface."

Item Information

This item was received upon pre-purchase of the Riders of Rohan expansion from the Base Edition, Heroic Edition and Legendary Editions, and is automatically granted to all characters created on the same account. It is not included in the digital versions of that expansion available from the LOTRO Market.

It can still be purchased from the Mithril Trader in the starting areas for 50 Mithril Coin . This version is Bind on Acquire and not account-wide:

A better version (maximum target level 99 instead of 74) of this item, called the Token of the Hornburg, is available on the LOTRO in-game store for 495 LOTRO Point  and it does Bind to Account.


Equipping this item bestows the effect  Greater Gift of the Helmingas on the user which grants a 25% bonus to experience from monster kills and crafting (which also includes harvesting nodes).

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