Item:Luck-stone Hollow

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Luck-stone Hollow
  • Item Level: 141
  • "A simple piece of metal, hollowed out to have a rare Luck-stone placed inside. It promises usefulness to all crafters."
  • Worth: 24 Silver 60 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Item Information

This item can be obtained by opening the following (instance versions only):

This item can be selected from the following lootbox(es):

Craft Information

Profession Tier Recipe Component for Creates
Jeweller T15  Luck-stone Hollow Recipe  Infused Umbari Pearl Necklace Guild Recipe  Durable Pearl Necklace
Metalsmith T15  Luck-stone Hollow Recipe  Infused Umbari Master-crafted Helmet Guild Recipe  Durable Master-crafted Helmet
Tailor T15  Luck-stone Hollow Recipe  Infused Umbari Master-crafted Helm Guild Recipe
 Infused Umbari Master-crafted Hood Guild Recipe
 Durable Master-crafted Band
 Durable Master-crafted Loop
Woodworker T15  Luck-stone Hollow Recipe  Infused Umbari Sailor's Coin Guild Recipe  Durable Coin of the Sailor's Code