Bungo Baggins

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Bungo Baggins (2846–2926 TA) was the oldest son of Mungo Baggins and Laura (née Grubb), with siblings Belba, Longo, Linda, and Bingo. The Bagginses family was wealthy and was long since respected throughout the Shire. Bungo married the fabulous Belladonna Took, of the even wealthier Took family from across The Water. From the joint money they built the most luxurious hobbit hole ever seen around the Hill, the Bag End.

The magnificent couple gave birth to only one son, Bilbo Baggins, who inherited much of his father's loathing for adventures, though even more of the Took family's lust for adventures which blossomed at later age.

Bungo happened to know Gandalf very well, who often came by and amused the family with tales and fireworks. Those were the days before the adventures of The Hobbit, long before Frodo and what we now know as the Fellowship of the Ring.