Wars of Beleriand

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The Wars of Beleriand was a centuries-encompassing conflict betwen Morgoth and the forces of the Valar and the Free Peoples of Beleriand.

It was comprised of six major battles, each describing a set of lesser battles.

1. The First Battle was fought between Morgoth, and the Sindar and Green Elves and Dwarves of Ered Luin.
2. The Second Battle, the Battle Under Stars was fought by the Noldor after they came to Middle-earth from Valinor.
3. The Third Battle, the Glorious Battle, was fought between Morgoth's Orcs and the Noldor, and led to the Siege of Angband,
4. The Fourth Battle, the Battle of Sudden Flame was when Morgoth struck back and killed many elves including High King Fingolfin.
5. The Fifth Battle, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears was when Morgoth broke much of the resistance of the Noldor. This battle includes the Fall of the Falas, the Sack of Bar-en-Danwedh, the Battle of Tumhalad, the Fall of Nargothrond and the Fall of Gondolin, when High King Turgon was killed.
6. The Sixth Battle, the War of Wrath was fought between the Valar and Morgoth, and ended with Morgoth's eternal banishment from Arda and the absolute destruction of most of Beleriand.