Warden Gambit Chains

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Wardens can execute a series of Gambits sequentially to bolster the effects of the final Gambit. This is called a Gambit Chain. Gambit Chains begin with a short 2-step Gambit and finish with a longer Gambit called the finishing skill or finisher. All Gambits in the Chain must be completed in order within the allotted duration in order to receive the buff to the finishing skill.

In the case where there are multiple finishers available in a Gambit Chain, only one can be executed in a given chain, as it will consume the finishing blow effect.

Impressive Flourish Gambit Chain

Gambits Icons Chain Effects
Impressive Flourish-icon.png Impressive Flourish Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Impressive Flourish-icon.png Impressive Flourish Gambit Chain - Step 1
Enter-arrow-icon.png Maddening Strike-icon.png Maddening Strike Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Thick Skin (Warden Trait)-icon.png Finishing Blow - Impressive Flourish
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Dance of War-icon.png Dance of War (Finisher) Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Dance of War-icon.png Enduring Expert Armour Use (increased rating buffs)
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Conviction-icon.png Conviction (Finisher) Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Conviction-icon.png Enduring Tactical Armour Use (increased rating buffs)
Conviction-icon.png Conviction (increased healing)

Persevere Gambit Chain

Gambits Icons Chain Effects
Persevere-icon.png Persevere Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.png Persevere-icon.png Persevere Gambit Chain - Step 1
Enter-arrow-icon.png Safeguard-icon.png Safeguard Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Indefatigable-icon.png Finishing Blow - Persevere
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Celebration of Skill-icon.png Celebration of Skill (Finisher) Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.png Celebration of Skill-icon.png Enduring Expert Shieldwork (increased Block rating and increased Partial Block Chance and Incoming Healing percentages)
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Restoration-icon.png Restoration (Finisher) Gambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Restoration-icon.png Tier 4 Heal over Time (increased healing)

Power Attack Gambit Chain

Although technically not a Gambit Chain, this sequence does buff Gambits when performed in order and is therefore included for completeness.
Unlike a true Gambit Chain, the entire sequence does not need to be performed to deal increased damage.

Gambits Icons Chain Effects
Power Attack-icon.png Power Attack Gambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Power Attack-icon.png Power Attack (on target)
Enter-arrow-icon.png Mighty Blow-icon.png Mighty Blow Gambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.png Mighty Blow-icon.png Mighty Blow (on target)
Bonus damage if used after Power Attack.
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Unerring Strike-icon.png Unerring Strike Gambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Bonus damage if used after Mighty Blow.

Precise Blow/Throw Gambit Chain

Although technically not a Gambit Chain, these two sequences are mentioned in some Warden traits and are therefore included for completeness.
Unlike a true Gambit Chain, using the skills in order does not provide any bonuses.

Gambits Icons Chain Effects
Precise Blow-icon.png Precise Blow Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.png
Enter-arrow-icon.png Piercing Strike-icon.png Piercing Strike Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Spear of Virtue-icon.png Spear of Virtue Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit spear-icon.png
Gambits Icons Chain Effects
Precise Throw-icon.png Precise Throw Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit javelin-icon.png
Enter-arrow-icon.png Piercing Toss-icon.png Piercing Toss Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit javelin-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Javelin of Virtue-icon.png Javelin of Virtue Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit javelin-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit javelin-icon.png

Ranged Offensive Strike Gambit Chain

Although technically not a Gambit Chain, this sequence does debuff the target when performed in order and is therefore included for completeness.
Each step of the Chain increases the -% Outgoing Damage Buff on the target.

Gambits Icons Chain Effects
Ranged Offensive Strike-icon.png Ranged Offensive Strike Gambit javelin-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Precise Blow-icon.png Suppression - Tier 1 (on target)
Enter-arrow-icon.png Ranged Combination Strike-icon.png Ranged Combination Strike Gambit javelin-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit javelin-icon.png Piercing Toss-icon.png Suppression - Tier 2 (on target)
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Ranged Boar's Rush-icon.png Ranged Boar's Rush Gambit javelin-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit javelin-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Spear of Virtue-icon.png Suppression - Tier 3 (on target)

War-cry Gambit Chain

Gambits Icons Chain Effects
War-cry (Warden)-icon.png War-cry Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png War-cry (Warden)-icon.png War-cry Gambit Chain - Step 1
Enter-arrow-icon.png Brink of Victory-icon.png Brink of Victory Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Unassailable-icon.png Finishing Blow - War-cry
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Surety of Death-icon.png Surety of Death (Finisher) Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.png Surety of Death-icon.png Enduring Expert Evasion (increased Evade rating buff)
Enter-arrow2-icon.png Desolation-icon.png Desolation (Finisher) Gambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.pngGambit shield-icon.pngGambit fist-icon.png Shield-bash-icon.png Desolation (increased Miss Chance debuff)