Volume I Session Play

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Once completed, these quests can be replayed by reading the Chronicle of Events at The Spire of Meeting in Rivendell.

The Prisoner of Sammath Baul

Volume I, Book 14, Chapter 4 holds a session play quest where players play an Angmarim Bloodletter.
The events described take place during Book 12, Chapter 6 - players will have the opportunity to see these events from the point of view of an Angmarim guard in Sammath Baul, where Laerdan is held prisoner.

The Fate of Laerdan

Volume I, Book 14, Chapter 6 holds another session play quest. Players will be able to see what happenend to Laerdan after he left Rivendell in search for his daughter Narmeleth - through Laerdan's eyes. The events take place at the same time of Chapters 1-3 (where players are busy doing preparations for Laerdan's journey).

Daughter of Strife

Volume I, Book 15, Chapter 6 holds the third Volume One session play quest. Players will learn the truth about Narmeleth's corruption and how she forged the ring Narchuil. The session play character is an elf-maiden named Arodel, friend to Narmeleth and akin to Celebrimbor.