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About Me

I'm a long time gamer since the Commodore 64. (We'll not count the ColecoVision, OK?) My first MMO was the wonderfully conceived and horribly implemented Star Wars Galaxies. I got hooked on surveying and mining for resources. I managed to escape SWG before the NGE. Since then I've tried several other MMOs but the grind, subscription fees and lack of quality control (*cough* Vanguard *cough*) induced me to quit after a couple of months. My long-time favorite game is Guild Wars and I especially like its armor. After 3 years of Guild Wars and now the long wait for Guild Wars 2 I'm giving LotRO a chance. I was pleasantly surprised by its quality and beauty on the first trial. The second trial convinced me to subscribe.

My prior wiki experience is with Guild Wiki (before it was sold to Wikia). My edits tend to be slow and methodical... often getting new ideas as I go along. That's why you might see me revert my own edits or edit the same page often. My favorite type of editing is cross-linking and reorganizing groups of pages following in-game information. I tend to edit in bursts with long pauses between. I hope my interests and edits help LotRO-wiki and the LotRO community at large.

Planned Contributions


On Hold:

  • Create and generally standardize service and vendor NPC pages (e.g. Vault-keeper).
  • Create tables to name NPCs or locate services (e.g. Milestone).


Your local time is 23:56 on 21 October 2019. The server time is 23:56 on 21 October 2019.

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