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About me

I have been playing LotRO since late 2007, on various different accounts unfortunately. Therefore I do not have the nice cool fancy giftboxes to show for it. Nevertheless, I am quite knowledgeable about the game - especially starting content. I have been playing off-and-on between then and now, with the largest break being half a year at the most. I have purchased all expansion content with real money and paid for the rest with LP (which may or may not have been earned by completing deeds :P).

I try to help out here on the wiki whenever I have time. Feel free to message me here on the wiki, or in-game, whenever you have any questions. :)

  • Main Character: Freepy, level 105 Man Hunter.
  • Notable Alts: Morvalas, level 53 Elf Lore-master; Vek, level 68 Dwarf Rune-keeper.
  • Server: Laurelin(EN-RP). (Also Snowbourn(EU) before the server merge.)
  • Preferred Playstyle: I really enjoy soloing most of the questing content. Vek is a bit of a weird one for me, as it is my completionist character, currently stuck in Moria somewhere. He has completed all quests and deeds (whenever possible) in Eriador though, so that includes all fellowship and raiding content.
I often play on Morvalas with my girlfriend, who plays an Elf Hunter named Galinrarg.

My Wiki Pages

These pages are meant to make it easy for me to check up on stuff while I'm editing.

  • User:Freepy: You're here already! Congratulations!
  • User:Freepy/Freepy: This is a link to the article about my main character on Laurelin. Still a work in progress!
  • User:Freepy/Morvalas: This is a link to the article about my alt on Laurelin. Also a work in progress!
  • User:Freepy/Sandbox: Link to my little sandbox (though I don't know why anyone would want to see all my nonsense over there).
  • User:Freepy/WIP: Link to a page on which I dump all my Works In Progress (WIPs).

To Do List of Things To Do

Labelling system

I like to keep things organised, so I decided to label my current projects. I use the following tags to show what I am currently doing on the Wiki:

  • COMPLETED: it is done.
  • VERIFYING: I am checking if the project has been finished with the right quality standard.
  • IN PROGRESS: currently underway.
  • ON HOLD: I have run into trouble and cannot progress further until further notice.
  • FAILED: I am too noobish to finish this, so I quit it.

Current Projects

  • Main Project: work on Update 24 pages in advance (based on Bullroarer builds). IN PROGRESS
  • In the works: a guide for doing all possible things in Eriador/a guide for newbies.

On a daily basis

Obviously, my work here is never finished. Therefore all the mentioned projects here are IN PROGRESS at the most.

Finished Projects