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Jeros Jerohere Jalin Fortinbras
Hunter Captain Champion Burglar
16 6 6 5
Elf Man Dwarf Hobbit
Woodsman - - -

Closed and open Beta

I was trying to get a look at all the of the game there is without missing anything. I play to get every quest, skill and item i can get.

  • Race; Elf
  • Gender; Male
  • Name; Jeros of Lindon (after maxim's and selans baby from Lufia II)
  • Class; Hunter
  • Level; 15

Monster; Ghâshtark (Black Speech; 'orc that sets man of Gondor on fire') of Sharku (Saruman)


  • level 6, Men, champion(gonna change it to captain)
  • level 4, Dwarf, champion
  • level 1, Hobbit, burglar


RL; Dutch engineer

  • Bought pre-order and normal game from UK!!!