Tully Hopwood

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Tully Hopwood
Image of Tully Hopwood
Title Men of Bree
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Settlement Bree
Interior Bree-town Hunting Lodge
Map Ref [31.8S, 51.4W]


Tully Hopwood is a Reputation Vendor found inside the Bree-town Hunting Lodge. A character who has reached Acquaintance standing with Men of Bree is able to enter the lounge and may purchase items from him.

Items Sold

Barterer Tully Hopwood
Item Reputation Level Cost
Paper Sheet 1 (common)-icon.png Award of Men's Virtue Friend 20 48 Silver 
Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png Barley Bread Recipe Friend 2 Silver 52 Copper 
Elegant Backpack-icon.png Elegant Backpack Kindred 7 Silver 12 Copper 
Patched Woodcutter's Pack-icon.png Patched Woodcutter's Pack Ally 7 Silver 12 Copper 
Mount 31 (rare)-icon.png Prized Liver Chestnut Steed Kindred Gold 823 Silver 60 Copper 
Artisan Weaponsmith Recipe-icon.png Repair Anvil Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Artisan Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Scholar's Cupboard Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Artisan Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Scholar's Round Table Decoration Recipe Friend 16 Silver 52 Copper 
Traveller's Bread-icon.png Traveller's Bread Acquaintance 5 24 Copper 
Minstrel Lute-icon.png Westernesse Lute Friend 20 6 Silver 
Two-handed Sword 2 (rare reputation)-icon.png Westernesse-make Great Sword Friend 20 7 Silver 4 Copper 
Bow 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Westernesse-make Longbow Friend 20 7 Silver 4 Copper 
One-handed Sword 2 (rare reputation)-icon.png Westernesse-make Longsword Friend 20 7 Silver 4 Copper 
Spear 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Westernesse-make Spear Friend 20 7 Silver 4 Copper 
Staff 1 (rare reputation)-icon.png Westernesse-make Staff Friend 20 7 Silver 4 Copper