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  • Resistance: Physical
  • A tripwire trap can knock a monster down, sometimes create the opportunity to use a Fellowship Manouvre.

    Trap remains for 1 minute after being placed.
  • Duration: 1m
  • 5s Knockdown
  • 5s Knockout
  • Cost: [166 at Level 130] Power
  • Cooldown: 30s

General Information

Class: Hunter

This skill is unlocked when the trait Tripwire (Trait)-icon.png Tripwire is equipped. Equipping this trait is possible after selecting the Trapper Of Foes trait tree.


  • The Trapper Of Foes trait Tripwire will unlock this skill.
  • The Trapper Of Foes trait Complex Mechanisms will increase the resistance penetration of this trap.
  • The Trapper Of Foes trait Advanced Placement will chance this skill into a ground-targeted ranged skill with a 20m range. On use, a ground-target circle will appear which can be moved. After using the mouse to move this circle to your enemy, click and the skill will be executed, placing the traps in the circle area.


The trapped enemy will be Knocked Out for 5 seconds.