Treasure-seeker of the North

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Deed Lore

Discover the many Treasure Caches in the Dale-lands.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Discover the many Treasure Caches in the Dale-lands (20)


  LOTRO Point-icon.png 5 LOTRO Points
  Mark-icon.png 30 Marks
  Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Seeker of Dwarvish Treasures
  Virtue Experience-icon.png 2000 Virtue Experience
  Reputation-icon.png Increased Reputation with Dwarves of Erebor ( 700 )

Additional Information


Coordinates Directions / Description
[32.1N, 28.8W] The Dale-lands, North and then west from Dwarf-carved Stone (1)
[27.0N, 29.0W] The Dale-lands, north of Ravenhill (2)
[27.1N, 25.4W] The Dale-lands, west bank of the river below the waterfall (3)
[25.4N, 22.4W] The Dale-lands, southern part of Eldby (4)
[25.6N, 21.4W] The Dale-lands, east of Eldby (5)
[23.1N, 27.9W] The Dale-lands, northern part of Bendburn (6)
[22.0N, 27.8W] The Dale-lands, south of Bendburn at the western bend of the river (7)
[20.2N, 26.4W] The Dale-lands, west of the waterfall at northern end of the Long Lake (8)
[17.1N, 23.1W] The Dale-lands, northeast corner of Stranding (9)
[14.6N, 23.5W] The Dale-lands, southern tip of marshes on east side of the Long Lake (10)
[11.7N, 28.4W] The Dale-lands, off the road south from Esgaroth-of-old (11)
[20.2N, 31.7W] Eryn Lasgalen, east side of river below waterfall on the edge of the Dale-lands (12)
[21.1N, 35.2W] Eryn Lasgalen, north of Tham Aeldés (13)
[15.5N, 34.8W] Eryn Lasgalen, Tham Aeldír (14) (note that map, below, incorrectly lists 24.8W coordinate)
[12.1N, 37.0W] Eryn Lasgalen, southeast of Caras Tilion (15)
[19.0N, 38.4W] Eryn Lasgalen, Gwígar, behind a tree in the den (16)
[20.5N, 38.1W] Eryn Lasgalen, near the waterfall west of Felegoth (can only be accessed from upstream) (17)
[23.8N, 43.9W] Eryn Lasgalen, north of the island west of Tholkát on the river bank (18)
[18.9N, 46.9W] Eryn Lasgalen, southwestern Torech Emel (19)
[14.0N, 50.1W] Eryn Lasgalen, east of the Forest Gate (20)


Note: The numbers in parentheses in the directions refer to the numbered locations on the following map.

Treasures of the North.jpg

Possible Chest contents

You have found an ancient Cardolan Treasure-icon.png Treasure Cache
You open the ancient chest and find:
  • Note: Each chest may contain any of the following, or nothing.

The listing of possible rewards dropped from the Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands Treasure Chests




Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons