Toby Eatwell

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Toby Eatwell
Image of Toby Eatwell
Title Tailor's Guild Improved Recipes
Gender Male
Race Man
Region The North Downs
Settlement Esteldín
Interior Tailor's Guild-hall
Map Ref [9.7S, 40.5]


Toby Eatwell is the Improved Recipes Vendor of the Tailor's Guild found inside the Tailor's Guild-hall in Esteldín. There are also unnamed members of the guild in other guild halls from whom the recipes can be purchased:

All "Improved Recipes" are "auto-crit" versions of "standard" recipes.
"auto-crit" means you are guaranteed a "Critical Success" as the output of the recipe's execution.
That is to say, there is only one output of the Improved Recipe - the Critical Success version of the item, hence the long cool-down.
In comparison, the matching "standard recipes" are Single-use Recipes bartered for with various Faction Reputation Vendors or obtained from "rare drops."
The components required for an Improved Recipe are the same as for a "standard recipe" with the exception of a Guild "Pattern" to ensure the "crit" on every execution. Otherwise multiple "Shards" or "Flakes" are needed to craft the various Crafting Journals used to improve chances for, but which do not guarantee, a "Critical Success."

Quest Involvement


T3 - Requires: Apprentice of the Guild Standing

T4 - Requires: Journeyman of the Guild Standing

T5 - Requires: Expert of the Guild Standing

T6 - Requires: Artisan of the Guild Standing

T7 - Requires: Master of the Guild Standing

T8 - Requires: Eastemnet Master of the Guild Standing

T9 - Requires: Westemnet Master of the Guild Standing

T13 - Requires: Minas Ithil Master of the Guild Standing