Thikil-gundu (Resource Instance)

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This page is about the Resource instance, Thikil-gundu (Resource Instance). For Thikil-gundu, the landmark, see Thikil-gundu. For Thikil-gundu, the Solo or 6-man Dungeon, see Thikil-gundu (Instance)
Thikil-gundu (Resource Instance)
Level: 118 - 140
Size: Solo
Cluster: Grey Mountains
Region: Ered Mithrin and Withered Heath
Area: Thikil-gundu


Stráhek the Stout offers up resource instance quests once the wrapper quest. The State of the Expedition, is completed.

Quest Involvement

This quest is available after completing the Quest: The State of the Expedition
The Quest: Thikil-gundu: Deep Inside the Keep has a 1 hour time limit from the time you accept the quest
[120] Thikil-gundu: Culling the Gundabad
[120] Thikil-gundu: Long Thought Lost
  • Warning: These two quests require the Quest: Thikil-gundu: Deep Inside the Keep to be underway. If that quest has been completed or failed, you will be unable to exit and re-enter this instance in order to complete those two quests.

Random Scourges

[120] Hládek the Hoary, Scourge of Thikil-gundu
[120] Lúbtul, Scourge of Thikil-gundu
These are tagged as fellowship quests even though the Resource Instance is Solo.