The Vault of Durin

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The Vault of Durin
Type: Ruins
Region: Moria
Area: The Great Delving
Location: [8.9S, 113.4W]


The Vault of Durin is a located at the south end of the great throughfare Lamâb-dûm in the Great Delving of Moria. [8.9S, 113.4W]

The vault contains the entrance to the Deep Way which connects the Great Delving with the Water-works deep below.




The Vault of Durin, at the southern end of the thoroughfare, is crumbling, its floor littered with broken crystals and loose stones. Dug out of the rock within the vault, now, stretches a back passage into the mineshafts of the Silvertine Lodes. Goblins and giant cave-claws wander the area, but at least one Dwarf is nearby too and intent on doing something to restore the Vault.
The path leading east out of the thoroughfare, near the Vault, passes by an elegant, abandoned square dominated by a huge, cracked geode. Its surface is cut like a globe and etched with runes. Its exposed inside glitters with uncut crystals. This quiet place seems purposeless now, haunted by the memories of livelier times, but look up to the warm glow amid the spires overhead. Those are the lights of Free Peoples camped above - the lights of the Dolven-view. [1]