The Searchers' Eyrie

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The Searcher's Eyrie is located in the northwestern-most corner of Zirakzigil at [14.3N, 109.8W]. Its location can be almost entirely obscured, particularly when it's snowing heavily. From the Durin's Way entrance to Zirakzigil, march north towards Durin's Bane. When you get to the Bane, turn 90-degrees to the left (west) and go to about [14.5N, 109.2W], where you'll find a rough path that leads up the side of the valley. Take this path, hugging the western wall as closely as you can. At about [15.2N, 110.2W], it will be apparent you can't travel any further north without falling off the mountain. You will probably see a lone Moria Prowler on your left (west) at this point, who usefully acts as a kind of land marker. Turn left (west), and defeat the Prowler if necessary. The little path will add yet another bit of altitude to your climb until it hits a plateau. At this point, the path usually enters virtual whiteout conditions. Follow the edge of the mountain ridge, and you'll begin to descend slightly into The Searcher's Eyrie.

Quest Involvement

Related quests that start or are found in this area include:

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The following creatures are found within these borders:

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