The Hide

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The Hide (Blue line) is a Beorning Trait Tree. The other two trait trees of this class are The Claw and The Roar.

The Hide
Emphasises the durability of the Bear Form.
Relying on the bear form, this line bolsters personal defences while weakening the enemy.
Skills Earned:
Counter (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Counter
Counterattack (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Counterattack
Claw Swipe (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Claw Swipe
Upon taking damage in Man form (20% chance in bear form):
This effect can only occur once every 8 seconds.
+5 Wrath

You may block incoming attacks.


These skills are acquired by spending trait points in The Hide (blue) trait tree. You can only obtain the Set skills if you specialize in this tree.

Active Skills Category Form Cooldown Range Source
Counter (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Counter Buff Any 40s Self Set: Initial Skill
Counterattack (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Counterattack Melee Any 1s 2.5m Set: Initial Skill
Claw Swipe (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Claw Swipe Melee + Debuff Bear 3s 2.5m Set: Initial Skill
Guarded Attack (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Guarded Attack Melee + Buff Man 5s Trait: 5+ Total Ranks
Rending Blow (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Rending Blow Melee + Interrupt Bear 12s 2.5m Trait: Rending Blows (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Rending Blows
Recuperate (Beorning Skill)-icon.png Recuperate Heal Bear 3s Self Trait: Recuperate (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Recuperate
Thickened Hide-icon.png Thickened Hide Buff Any 2m Self Trait: Thickened Hide (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Thickened Hide

Set Bonuses

Set Bonus Description Source
Guarded Attack (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Guarded Attack Gain skill Guarded Attack Set: 5+ total ranks
Rake (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Rake Buff Set: 10+ total ranks
Worthy Adversary (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Worthy Adversary Buff Set: 15+ total ranks
Menacing Assault (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Menacing Assault Buff Set: 20+ total ranks
Down But Not Out (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Down But Not Out Buff Set: 25+ total ranks
Defensively Minded (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Defensively Minded Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
Animalistic (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Animalistic Buff Set: 35+ total ranks


Tree Traits Description Source
Vitality Increase (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Vitality Increase Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Opposing Presence (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Opposing Presence Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Hardened Heart (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Hardened Heart Buff Trait: 0+ ranks
Vigilant Roar (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Vigilant Roar Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
In Harm's Way (Beorning Trait)-icon.png In Harm's Way Buff Trait: 5+ ranks
Weakening Blow (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Weakening Blow Buff Trait: 10+ ranks
All On The Line (Beorning Trait)-icon.png All On The Line Buff Trait: 10+ ranks, In Harm's Way (3)
Rending Blows (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Rending Blows Gain skill Rending Blow Trait: 10+ ranks
Tactical Mitigation Increase-icon.png Tactical Mitigation Increase Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Assertive Roar (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Assertive Roar Buff Trait: 15+ ranks
Armour Crush (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Armour Crush Buff Trait: 15+ ranks, Rending Blows (1)
Recuperate (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Recuperate Gain skill Recuperate Trait: 20+ ranks
Sluggish Stings (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Sluggish Stings Buff Trait: 20+ ranks
Quick Recovery (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Quick Recovery Buff Trait: 25+ ranks, Recuperate (1)
Physical Mitigation Increase (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Physical Mitigation Increase Buff Trait: 25+ ranks
Thunderous Roar (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Thunderous Roar Gain Skill: Thunderous Roar (Beorning Skill) Trait: 30+ ranks
Thickened Hide (Beorning Trait)-icon.png Thickened Hide Gain skill Thickened Hide Trait: 30+ ranks