The Chamber of Knowledge

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The Chamber of Knowledge
Type: Ruins
Region: Moria
Area: The Great Delving
Location: [7.5S, 112.0W]
The Chamber of Knowledge.jpg


The Chamber of Knowledge is a ruined library located in the Great Delving of Moria. [7.5S, 112.0W]
This is one of three ruined libraries within the Great Delving which once stored mining and forging records.
  • One way to get here is to go from Dolven-view and go north to take the hewn road to towards Lamâb-dûm [7.5S, 113.3W] but as soon as you go down this road, you take a road [7.8S, 112.7W] to the right (North-East) and follow that path. As soon as you can take a right turn you take it into the chamber.
  • Another way to access the chamber is to take the steps at the east end of Dolven View, down to the next to last level and then go across on the ledge above the floor level.



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