The Bridge-shard

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The Bridge-shard.jpg

The Bridge-shard is a location in the Foundations of Stone.


An arcing shard of the Bridge of Khazad-dûm juts from a tiny island in the midst of the Foundations of Stone’s stagnant lake. Some great force shook it loose from Nud-melek, far above, and sent it plummeting down to these lowest pits beneath the mountain.
This piece of the bridge, which had endured for many centuries, was broken off recently in some awesome conflict and fell through shadow into this grim place. Here in its new home, it has become something like a work of art. Its polished dwarf-styled finish endures. Its delicate curve reflects in the water like a slivered moon. It stands like a statue, marking a point at which the Foundations of Stone are not really so far removed from the world above. [1]


[14.1S, 97.7W]


Frethi the Explorer can be found here during The Secret Stone quest.