The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt

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Deed Lore

You are a great explorer of Middle-earth. Surely you'll have no trouble locating other great adventurers on their expeditions!

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Find Floid and Dewitt in Dunland
Find Floid and Dewitt in Enedwaith
Find Floid and Dewitt in Evendim
Find Floid and Dewitt in the Lone-lands
Find Floid and Dewitt in Lothlórien
Find Floid and Dewitt in Mirkwood
Find Floid and Dewitt in Moria


  300Mark-icon.png Mark
  Slayer-title-icon.png <name>, the Wanderer

Additional Information

Floid the Mighty Steed and Dewitt the Explorer are at the following locations:

  • Dunland: [84.7S, 28.1W] in a secluded passage in the wall near the entrance, just inside the Pristine Glade [85.4S, 25.7W]
    In Dunland, the exact area they are in can be a bit tricky to spot at first. Immediately upon entering the glade, the player will see a small wooden bridge. Just past this bridge, on the left side, is an area on the wall covered in green foliage. Close inspection reveals this wall has a small passage to Floid and Dewitt behind the foliage and vines.
  • Enedwaith: [68.6S, 8.4W] in Thrór's Coomb south of the entrance to Draigoch's Lair overlooking the first Giant's hut.
  • Evendim: [14.2S, 73.5W] on a small island southwest of Tyl Ruinen
  • The Lone-lands: [31.3S, 36.6W] atop Weathertop overlooking the eastern slope
  • Lothlórien: [14.4S, 74.8W] on the north bank of the Celebrant near a waterfall
  • Mirkwood: [17.5S, 46.2W] overlooking a cliff in the Ashenslades
    From Garmadh-maudhûl, head up hill to the north-east, then eastward, turn right through the first saddle and head south-west down a small valley. Follow the ledge to the right as you come out out of the small valley into a larger valley.
  • Moria: [2.6S, 105.9W] north of Jazârgund - on your right as you gaze at the Endless Stair.

Deed Involvement

In the deed log, this is categorized under the Race & Social tab in Class/Race/Epic.


When first introduced, the name of the human partner was variously spelled with one or two final 't's, i.e. Dewit or Dewitt. Recent updates have standardized his name to Dewitt. Spelling variations may still exist in non-English version of the game.

One presumes that this is a tribute to the noted sculptor Floyd Tennison Dewitt.

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