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Region: Eregion
Area: Glâd Ereg
Location: Sâd Thareg
Location: [42.3S, 16.4W]


Tawarond is a quest instance in Glâd Ereg in Eregion.

This cave is located within the dense thicket of Sâd Thareg and is home to a large amount of wood trolls who are corrupting the surrounding forest from within the damp, dark chambers. More concerning is the presence of a high ranking Uruk captain meaning that the wood trolls are likely acting under the orders of Saruman.


Tawarond Entrance



The following creatures are found within this area:


"Zagâfum, leader of the Wood-trolls of Glâd Ereg, has been discovered. The corruption that the Wood-trolls are inflicting upon the forest is unfathomable, and worse, unnatural. I cannot help but believe Saruman has his hand in the matter." — Instance Text


The entry room of Tawarond Rocky passage through the caverns Water drips from the ceiling of an overgrown passage of Tawarond

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