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This is stuck here as a place to put it... Summary from the Forums on the U10 Moria Revamp, and status of quest updates on the WIKI.

  • 2 new Moria deeds on log in if you have already done Moria, for doing quests in Zelem-Melek, and Nud-Melek.



Summary of the U9 Moria Revamp, and status of quest updates on the WIKI.

  • All of these quests are given by Svanr (Moria) -- who is a moving quest hub.
  • All quests are level 58
  1. [58] The Majesty of the Stone Trees [8.0S, 103.6W] -- Completed
  2. [58] Danger upon Khadar-zarâm [8.0S, 103.6W] -- Completed
  3. [58] An Unwholesome Odour [8.0S, 103.6W] -- Completed
  4. [58] A Tribute of Light [8.0S, 103.6W]
  5. [58] The Restless Orcs of the Crack's Edge [8.0S, 99.1W]
  6. [58] Camping the Rift [8.0S, 99.1W]
  7. [58] Leaving the Mines [5.6S, 99.1W] (Old quest -- same name)

  • The information on the wiki about which quest drops which reward is also partly obsolete. I would like to have the complete "Onslaught of the Dwarves" set, but I have not found all the needed quests yet. Maybe somebody else has?
This is apparently noa a 4 piece set. with different stats:

I'm finding myself stuck on the "Those Who Never Came Out" quest.

It says I need to plant the flowers on the fallen dwarves, but I'm not seeing any fallen dwarves around that area. Its outside the first hall, on the steps.. you gather some flowers at the foot of the steps and put them then in the Vases on the first steps...