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Documentation of Beorning structure

  • Basic patterns and naming conventions for the Beorning.
Introduced with Update 15 - November 2014.
  • The Beorning is both a Class and a Race!
  • The Beorning utilizes "might-based" Medium Armour - Accordingly, many new armour items were added specifically for the Beorning.
  • General Organization comment. Although the Vales of Anduin is actually located in Western Mirkwood, it has been grouped with Gondor because of its relationship to Update 15.
This should probably be changed to be geographically (i.e. Region) correct although, the Vales are not in any Turbine defined Region (which, of course, may change in the future.)
  • Introduction of the Beorning carries forward many SOP changes which Turbine has instituted over the years in their own naming conventions and "specs."
In particular, "Specs" on various items and skills are in a high state of Flux as the Game-play of the new Class is "tweaked".
It appears that virtually all Skills especially, have variable "Specs" which increment by individual level, not by "level bands" as has been true in the past.

Skill and Trait naming

  • Skills named <skill> (Beorning Skill)
  • Traits named <trait> (Beorning Trait)

Icon naming

  • Icons are named accordingly and placed in their respective categories.
<skill> (Beorning Skill)-icon.png
<trait> (Beorning Trait)-icon.png
There are two icons which are used by other classes, that I have found so far. They are left with no suffix to their names.
  • Category: Beorning Icons - all Beorning icons - both Trait and Skill - most tagged (Beorning) as several use the same name as other classes.
Most have now been moved into lower level categories Category: Beorning Skill Icons Category: Beorning Trait Icons


  • [[:Category: Beorning Beta]] - holding category for initial uploads

Cleaning up and Catching up... a status report

I've finally gotten around to catching up with some of the "first pass" documentation of things like the Trait Tree (see: Beorning Skills and Beorning Traits and Beorning Deeds).
As a result, ONE of the issues I started to deal with is Naming Conventions and Icon organization. I've been working backwards and changing all/many/most/some? of the icons to be either "<name>(Beorning Skill)" or "<name>(Beorning Trait)" and sticking them in their respective categories: Category: Beorning Skill Icons and Category: Beorning Trait Icons. When collecting "stuff" during the beta, I was just throwing everything into the top level category "Category: Beorning"
  • I have not yet searched for things that I broke when renaming. I fixed many, but have not looked for others I missed.
  • I need another pair of eyes to read over all the traits and skill entries I created.
  • There are still issues with Categories.
I'm only up to level 37 with my Beorning as I've been taking time with stuff -- and getting distracted by the massive number of changes needed on the Wiki following the earlier updates by Turbine to North Downs and the Trollshaws... I haven't even VISITED the Misty Mountains yet! In fact, I haven't even done most of the quests in Trestlebridge and Evendim and yet I am level 37! (And nobody does Agmaur (in the Lone Lands) anymore.)
  • And for what it's worth, I've completely ignored the level 100 stuff since U15 went live, to concentrate on the Beorning information. All of the "boiler plate" I put together was done during the Beta, and hopefully others have corrected and expanded it.... please!
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 16:41, 21 November 2014 (UTC)

Developer comments about the Beorning`

With the recent personnel changes at Turbine, we seem to have eliminated the old "Dev Diaries" communications.

With Update 15, it seems that the Dev commentary on the Beorning has been present in Twitch Streams.

MadeofLions: Probably the best place to start is in the beginning when Bilbo was traveling with the Dwarves many years ago he encountered a large gruff man by the name of Beorn who made his house in the Vales of Anduin. Beorn was a skin-changer that doesn't' mean that he skinned animals it means that he could adopt the form of an animal in this case a bear. We know that while Beorn is gone now he had descendants now one of them is Grimbeorn and they inherited his ability to skin change. So with this update we are adding the new player class/race of Beorning which means you are one of Beorn's children or grandchildren we leave the heritage up to you guys. This means that you also have the ability to transform into the shape of the bear. You get a new starting experience in the Vales of Anduin where Grimbeorn and now you live. This is a twenty minute to half an hour experience where you get to meet some other Beorning's, your extended family and you get to learn how to live life as a Beorning and get introduced to your skills and sort of their way of life. So now we transition to their skills.
Beorning Skills
Jinjaah: While we are transitioning to Frelorn's other character his level 50 Beorning we can talk about how the Beorning is different from the other classes. If you haven't made a trip to Bullroarer the biggest thing is that the class does not use power it uses a new energy resource called Wrath. Wrath starts at 0 and builds to 100 so the class is a lot more cooldown oriented than the others. The three specs are called The Hide, The Claw and The Roar. The Hide is kind of the tank spec where the Beorning wants to be in bear form as long as possible they have ways to generate wrath while they are in bear they can aoe spike enemies in front of them. They mainly tank through taking hits and debuffing their enemies. The Claw is the damage line that chooses between damage over time and burst damage basically the human skills apply bleeds and get damage rolling and when you switch into bear form is when you unlock the more powerful heavy hitting skills. The Roar line is the support/healing line and this uses a unique mechanic to the other lines that are more offensive this line is more defensive. The Mark of Grimbeorn on a target maybe when sacrifice or get direct damage to yourself you mitigate a portion of that damage or when you use Harken you refund the wrath dots (damage over time). The Mark of Beorn for example if you use Bee Swarm which is a damage over time attack where you summon a swarm of bees and its awesome.
Frelorn: Here we go with the bees again.
Jinjaah: Yeah everyone likes unleashing bees. It's an interesting play style especially with the healer being kind of an in the pocket healer standing next to your tank almost dealing damage and generating wrath and using it to heal your allies. If you want to spec The Claw and grab a few things and switch into a bear and beat people up.
Frelorn: Is there any way you would recommend to spec into this tree?
Jinjaah: One of the cool things about the Beorning's and what we learned from U12 and class development in general is that it seemed liked players really liked transformative traits over passive traits. So one thing we tried to do in this tree was offer some passive traits that you build down the tree but also some transformative traits that alter skills. So for example if you grab five of thrash on the trait on the top left of The Claw you will notice the trait right below it adds a bleed to slash so if Im going to be dpsing then I want to get that since its basically extra damage rolling right off me. If you want to get execute what it does is consume all your wrath and deal massive damage to the target. Slam heal on the top right called Any Advantage is nice if your buddy is tanking and he has aggro then you just stand behind the guy and damage and kinda keep healing and topping yourself off if there is aoe damage going out. Final strike is a nice one the one next to it is actually interesting this is another transformative trait where you have a skill like Biting Edge which is a two strike attack and what this trait does is say I'm going to take away one of these attacks and give you that attack back as a bleed over 12 seconds. A lot of the other trees are like this like maybe you want to be a damage dealer but you still want to kind of help heal or maybe dabble into being a tank to you can kind of build the Beorning that fits your play style. Moment of opportunity is pretty cool to max out because that will give you a chance to proc a free execute that can be used regardless of the target's health threshold and will keep you in bear form longer.
Frelorn: You've left some space in the trait trees as well right?
Jinjaah: Yes one of the things we have been talking about over on Bullroarer is this class is gonna launch with 51 ranks instead of 53 which is what all the other classes have and without two legendary capstones. The reason we did this was we wanted to kind of release the class a little while and let you guys play it and get your feedback what's missing and what you would like to see and then add those additional ranks over time based on how you guys like it. We are leaving room to grow so we don't have to pull anything away.

U 15.1 Bullroarer release notes - Beorning

These are Beta Release notes from Bullroarer - subject to change!!


  • Mounted Combat: - Motivation Through Aggression was giving its effect to Slash twice, this should not be the case anymore.
  • Mounted Combat: - Fixed issue with Beornings Ferocious Roar buff allowing all auto-attacks to critically hit while the buff is active.
  • Mounted Combat: - Resolved issue that wasn't properly granting the Beornings skills for completing the introductory quest
  • Mounted Combat: Everlasting Focus should now affect Dash and Coax. Also added to the tooltip to notify the player that this trait does not affect healing effects.
  • Mounted Combat: Medium Bridle's damage over time pulse legacy should now affect all Beorning damage over time effects.
  • Everlasting Focus should now affect Dash and Coax. Also added to the tooltip to notify the player that this trait does not affect healing effects.
  • Beornings should now be able to use keep back doors in Ettenmoors.
  • Many of the Beorning’s skills were incorrectly labeled as melee skills when they were in fact Tactical skills.
  • Iorelen's Camp should now have a barter vendor that sells Beorning specific Rift gear.
  • Out-of-Combat Wrath Decay legacy should now lower the amount of wrath drained instead of increasing it.
  • Fellowing with a Beorning that isn’t nearby should no longer cause a Power meter to display in their Fellowship vitals display.
  • Beornings Trainers should no longer appear to sell Burglar Class Items.
  • Reaching zero Wrath in man form should no longer prompt the player with an effect notifying them they are about to switch into man form.
  • Many heals and buffs were breaking target’s stealth when used on an ally. This should not be the case anymore.
  • Resolved an issue where Expose Weakness was not properly refreshing itself if already present on the player.
  • Fixed Grimbeorn's Strength bonus for Cleanse that was not properly reducing the cooldown of the skill when used on your marked target.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing Grimbeorn's Strength to remove the tooltip info of Sacrifice.
  • Relentless Maul should now properly damage players in spars.
  • Relentless Maul - Relentless Maul should now more consistently deliver 8 pulses (or 4 with Brutal Energy trait). Previously the last pulse would sometimes be missed.
  • There's now a Beorning video that you can play when making a new Beorning using the "play movie" button.
  • Wrath tooltips in the character panel now show the out of combat decay rate.
  • Monster Play - Beornings should now get Battlefield Promotions
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 22:57, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

Bundle not necessary for extra character slot?

The wiki currently states that unlocking only the beorning class, without the character slot bundle, prevents you from ever getting access to the extra character slot. However, this does not seem to be the case. Most of the time, new character slots are added by repeatedly buying the "same" item from the store, but the store now seems to contain two separate character slot items: the old one, that you can keep buying until you hit the limit, and a new one, which appeared with update 15, and vanishes again if bought.

To be absolutely sure, it would be good to hear whether someone who has already hit the character limit was able to buy the new character slot separately; however, it seems likely that the wiki's current information is wrong, being based on false assumptions.

Do people agree/disagree? I may need to come back and clarify later, since I'm not sure if I make sense. Crazail (talk) 23:58, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

See also the discussion at Talk:LOTRO Store Bonus Character Slot.
I have not yet seen a definitive statement from Turbine on the subject.
The original plan / discussion prior to going up on Bullroarer was that the expansion slot was to be a "special" like the two you got when you bot Mines of Moria and the Warden and Rune-keeper classes -- Buy the class, get the extra slot.
However, there was a parallel discussion about expanding the TOTAL number of character slots available to all players.
When U15 went live on Bullroarer, you got BOTH! Everybody automatically got 3 extra character slots AND you could get one more if you purchased the Bundle. But nobody knows what Turbine's actual INTENT was compared to how it was implemented. Or put another way -- is it WAI (works as intended) or is it a bug?
As a Lifetimer I have problems "seeing" many things in the Store, so I can't really tell, and only have my "default" 10 character slots! -- 7 for VIP, 2 for MoM expansion and one for the Beorning bundle. Other members of my Kin (OTG) have indicated that the now have 21 character slots.
7 slots - standard VIP allotment
+2 slots - Mines of Moria Expansion
Total 9 slots.
slots 10-17 purchased from the Store PRIOR to U15 going live
Slots 18, 19, 20 purchased with U15
Slot 21 acquired with the Beorning Bundle.
Total 21 slots
So, in answer to your unasked question -- This is the status of character slots as of Update 15: See also: VIP#Account_type_comparison_table
  • Any "typical" (i.e. F2P) account starts with 2 character slots and can purchase up to 16 more "Bonus Character Slots" from the in-game LOTRO Store, for a total of 18.
  • Any Premium account starts with 3 character slots and can purchase up to 15 more from the in-game LOTRO Store, for a total of 18.
  • Any VIP account starts with 5 character slots and can purchase up to 15 more from the in-game LOTRO Store, for a total of 18.
These all show up as individual character slot purchases in the store.
  • All three account types can purchase the Mines of Moria expansion at any time and add two additional character slots to their account for a total maximum of 20.
These two character slots are ONLY available if you purchase the expansion. You do not get them if you simply unlock either the Rune-keeper or Warden or both.
You CAN unlock the RK and Warden AND purchase the Expansion - effectively paying for the RK and Warden TWICE.
  • All three account types can purchase the Beorning/Slot bundle and add one additional character slot for a total maximum of 21.
These two expansions to the number of character slots are listed independently of the "Bonus Character Slot" expansions in the LOTRO Store.
  • What remains unverified is -- Once you have unlocked the Beorning (without the bundle), will the Store show you the Beorning+character slot bundle -- in effect asking you to pay for the class unlock TWICE! I think not, but do not know, since I bought the bundle. Or does the Store have a separate "additional slot beyond the limit" purchase option. I do not have my character slots maxed, so I cannot tell. All I see are the "standard" character slot unlocks.
  • That "vanishing entry" is the question. What does it do? When does it go away? When does it appear? Its description is identical to the "other" entry. Nothing to imply that it is a one-time purchase or that it is "additive" to the other purchases -- and nothing stating the max number of slots available. AND, it is also different from the "bundle" entry.

All of which is to say -- based on Turbine's original statements - you can buy the bundle, or the unlock; but if you take the cheap route first, you can't get the bonus.

Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 17:41, 24 November 2014 (UTC)

Problems with the layout

There are some problems with the layout of this page. Since it's mostly a page that transcludes others, it's too time consuming for me to track it down and fix it. Mogafi (talk) 18:51, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

I see no problems, now. However, I have seen some in the past.
What problem are you seeing with the layout currently?
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 20:54, 31 May 2015 (UTC)
Never mind, I fixed it. :) It was a missing close table in Beorning Passive Skills.
Mogafi (talk) 23:51, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

Beorning bows?

Does anyone know anything about Beorning bows?

As I posted on the forums:

Last night I happened to be taking my level 91 Beorning back to complete the Epic quests I skipped in volume I.
After completing a quest (Vol. 1, Book 13 -- Chapter 11: Narchuil Goes South.), I selected a reward I didn't expect to be able to use so as to make it obvious that I wanted to sell it.
However, being the all thumbs typist that I am, instead of sell it, I managed to double click on it and low and behold, I equipped it!!!
So here I am now with a level 50 bow equipped on a level 92 Beorning -- but have no idea how to use it.
Indeed, when I select a target a range and auto attack -- I shoot it with my bow! Fascinating, useful for drawing aggro.
However, I don't seem to have any skill which will allow me to attack normally with the bow.
I have a vague recollection of a Bullroarer discusssion about it in the past, maybe in relase 17?
So the question is -- did I stumble upon a bug? or simply a partially implemented idea, or did I miss something completely.
My Beorning now seems to be proficient with a bow and spear, and can also dual-wield!
But, I don't see anything obvious in the trait lines (or anywhere else) that would allow me to attack using the bow (or the spear).
And interestingly, I note that the WIKI has a "Finely-strung Bow of the Veteran Beorning" - as a 1 slot Essence item for level 105! Item%3AFinely-strung_Bow_of_the_Veteran_Beorning
No idea where it drops/comes from.
Wm Magill - Valamar - OTG/OTC - talk 18:53, 12 August 2016 (UTC)
It's there: Beorning Skills.
Mogafi (talk) 19:51, 14 August 2016 (UTC)