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I have two honest questions about Areas and lists of quests. But first the discussion:

Currently the Boilerplate:Areas suggests that Quests should list Starting and Involving. But it does not state whether that is for all quests within the area, or just those quests that are not bound to a landmark or settlement.

Perhaps wrongly I interpreted this as "all quests within the area", the union of quests for landmarks and settlements, plus the unbound quests for the area. Scanning a few areas I notice different interpretations, so I am not really alone of different understandings ;)

We all understand the importance of listing quests for smaller or larger regions, certainly quest-givers, but I guess to an extent also "involving". However, it is questionable if this quest/starting|involving lists should be at the Area article, or if it should be compiled at the pages for regional quests (and if those does not exist for certain areas they can be created). Or something in between perhaps?

Question 1: Is there anything said or thought about Area-quest-lists? Should they be all-inclusive? Or not?

Suggestion: On Area articles, refer people to the Category:Area Quests where we gather information from landmarks, settlements, and roaming quests of course. OR, transclude lists onto the Area article only when they are short enough. I am not yet a big fan of the <categorytree> thing because it does not convey information about level, fellowship, raid, skirmish, seasonal, etc. Rather we walk over these categories and compile these lists manually to be displayed and/or transcluded.

  • If people put together special articles for regional/areal/etc. quests they can transclude from these too, if they want to.

Question 2: On the area articles, how important are the "involved" part?

If not that useful I suggest we skip it for Areas and above. I want to inform you that it takes quite some time to gather that particular part, certainly when many quests does not properly link to the "involving" location. That will of course be better when somebody has read through and complemented all hundreds of quests (thousands?) with proper links (and removed false alerts from silly-linking-everything). --- Another option is of course to add even more categories (Category:Area|Landmark|Settlement|Interior Involved Quests) and walk over all quests and add to appropriate/narrowest category. Good luck with that ;)

But at least, can we please have some thoughts on the two questions. Tentatively along the lines of least possible work until we have gained control of the shadows of the past, so to speak. -- Zimoon (talk) 07:16, 26 October 2011 (EDT)